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Welcome to Grandparenting Essentials! If you have selected this site, let me wish you congratulations! You probably have been given a special message recently and what more special words to one’s ears than “Mom and Dad, we’re pregnant and you are going to be grandparents!”


You are joining a unique and specialized association that many of your friends and family may already be members.

This club is over 80 million strong and is growing by over a million members each year—the unofficial Grandparents Network. Whether your child is giving birth, adopting or marrying into a family with children, you are now going to be a grandparent.

Your life as you have known it in the past will change, and as you guessed it, will never be the same!

From the smile on your face, I can tell you will have a new love in your life!

The Reason for this site...

The reason I have compiled this information in Grandparenting Essentials is simple!

We are the grandparents, not the parents!

I wanted a simple, easy to use site where you could go for basic information on the topic of grandparenting written from a grandparent's perspective.

So the birth of this site, Grandparenting Essentials!

Yard Stork

When I was given the wonderful news that I was going to be a grandparent, as a career librarian my first inclination was to find specific and current information in books and articles on various topics including premature babies in a NICU, NICU Nurse suggestions, procedures for child care, twins or multiple birth issues, and what products, equipment and toys are needed when babysitting a child in today's world.

(I found a few interesting titles, but some were dated and those on the Internet primarily focused on the Mom and Dad......not Grandparents!)

So I began thinking about Grandparenting Essentials....what we all need to know to be a grandparent!

I tried various "Baby sites" that my daughter was using which are all focused on Moms and have excellent information for the mother, but were too confusing or too detailed for what we as grandparents need. I guess I was looking for tips and specifics that would make us "ready to be grandparents!"

You often had to register with a login and password to get into the site which required you insert your "due date" for the birth. As a soon-to-be grandmother, this made me laugh!

Grandparenting Essentials: Social Medial
and Technology

Grandparents on compute

Long-distance grandparents can stay connected by using social Media!

Buy a great camera before the baby arrives and practice settings! Photos are memories we keep forever and a way of sharing each day!

So as you begin your journey, you may want to think about these things first:

So what was one of your first thoughts? Did you ask what type of grandparent will I be? Or are you a planner, can't wait until he is old enough to go to the zoo or show her how to bake a cake!

My husband is a history buff and will love to tell them about his family heritage!


Or like one of friends said, her first thought was "What are they going to call me?"

Do you want a traditional name or more of a contemporary? Unless you already have a name picked out, this can take hours of thought. Your nickname will be used in quotes in scrapbooks, on quilts and of course, when your grandchild comes running into your arms!

Remember, you have to live with this name for the rest of your life, so consider all the possibilities!


I will discuss how my husband and I attended "grandparenting classes" that emphasized the changes that have occurred since our children were born. We reviewed many experiences, illnesses and surgeries that our premature grandsons could face in the future!   Also, what developmental milestones do we anticipate seeing in our grandchildren?  What immunizations are required now for all children?  These questions and others are answered on this site?

Also discussed in this learning opportunity was how to to childproof your home and making it as safe as possible for our grandchildren!

Check Us Out!

Was surprised and excited to find our site listed in Top20Sites on grandparenting......

Check us out!

Site ranked #5, vote to make it #1!

Our grandsons are now over a year old and I have had this rare opportunity to share our experiences with you!

Yes, share with you life experiences, good and bad, and knowledge gained during our daughter's pregnancy and the birth of my fabulous and most handsome grandsons!

From those first of many experiences: babysitting without parents, "Yuckity Yuk" first illness--a virus (need I say more), and on to deciding what toys to select for your home.

You are going to find that you look forward to checking the calendar to see when you will next be babysitting!

Grandparenting Essentials:
Enjoy the Experiences!

As I write this, I'm smiling, and you will too when you see and hold your grandchild for the first time! Enjoy this memorable, special time in your life!

Funny thing, you can dream and pray for this blessing, but until you have this experience and see your grandchild for the first time, you can't explain it!

Then as your grandchild recognizes you and crawls to you smiling, talking his own special language and lifting his arms to get in your arms, you will realize that your life has changed forever!!! Yes, you are loved beyond words and officially recognized by a different title, now you are a grandparent!

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