What a Feeling!

Yes, What a Feeling! We are now officially considered Grandparents!

As mentioned earlier, an emotional warmth of relief consumed our body, love filled our hearts and tears poured from our eyes!

Really, your knees get weak and you just let the emotions take over. Yes, an unimaginable reaction or feeling!

I guess, since that day, every time I see my grandsons, my heart fills with pride and there is so much love for both of them! I can't express the bond you will form with your grandchildren.

NICU Reunion Playing

I will never forget the feeling I had recently when our youngest grandson crawled. He has had medical issues and as I've mentioned before is delayed. He heard my voice when I came in the door of their home and started to crawl and laugh. He was in the middle of the playroom and crawled a long distance to reach me!

Yes, that is love! That feeling of joy, excitement and accomplishment was felt by his Mom and especially by me! I'm in love with my grandsons!

You may have felt it too when they hold their arms up to you to pick them up. Or say your nickname for the first time!

Oh, how they win your heart.....from the first time you saw them throughout their lifetime!


Probably nothing else, in my lifetime of experiences, has made me feel this way except for the birth of my own children!

I'm a grandmother, my husband is a grandfather and united on this adventure as one, Grandparents!

Yippee! We looked at each other and of course, tears were in our eyes!

As my husband and I reflect on the experiences of the day, we fill we should make a statement of love and devotion to our family.

The keys to our grandparenting pledge would be to focus on our grandsons, help their parents and love the boys as much as possible!


What a feeling! Difficult to put into words are the emotions and feelings you have when you become a Grandparent and even better, a great grandmother! 

Pure joy in your heart!

Our Pledge to You...

...our grandchildren, is that we will always think of you first, whatever your age!

  • We will be a nurturer
  • We will be a mentor
  • Offer stability when needed
  • Provide security and a framework for development throughout your life
  • We will be there whenever you need us: babysitting, playmate, driver, sports events, school activities, baker, librarian, etc.
  • Most importantly, our continuing love for each of you!
  • Kisses and hugs will always be part of our welcoming and leaving process!


What a Feeling:
Poem for Grandma

This is a poem was inserted in a picture frame that was given to honor me by one of my friends! I really think the words say it all:

Grandma of Twins

Take our little hands, hold us close to you.

We can feel your love-it is big enough for TWO.

We come with double diapers, double tears and double baths.

Yet also with the blessings of double hugs and double laughs.

You may often call us,
"little presents" from above.

But we received the greatest gift-

a Grandma TWO can love!

What a feeling!

Our prayers that all would eventually be healthy were all answered!

My daughter went home from the hospital three days after giving birth.  Then her oldest twin son was released from the NICU after three weeks.   The smallest and youngest of the twins was in the NICU for almost six weeks. 

However, the day that he was released was full of joy and excitement.  We kept Baby A while his parents went after his brother.  What a feeling when he was brought through the door!   Yes, their family was now complete and all together.  Ready to begin life together.....yes was a feeling! 

Yes, the First time I saw my Grandchild is a memory I will never forget. My hope for you is to have the same experience!

A Special Moment

My twin grandsons are now 18 months old and yes, as all little ones that age, are into everything!   Last night I had one of those "ahhhh" moments!  I knew that they were coming over to visit or us to babysit so their parents could go out to dinner.  

I heard the backdoor open and in both walked and held up their hands, smiling, screaming  "GiGi" and running to me!   Oh, yes, my heart melted and my knees got weak!  

Yes, the magic continues!

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