What is Your Name

What is your name? No, I'm not talking about the song, first written in 1962 with one of the verses stating: "What's Your Name, is it Mary or Sue?"

When I ask this question, I'm talking about what your grandkids will call you? What will be your nickname? What is your grandparents name? Yes, that endearing name that each time your grandchildren see you, they will shout it out!

Grandchildren gift

When you first found out that you were going to be a grandmother, can you honestly say that you didn't think about this question? I did!

Many of the names I thought of were already taken....My mother is "Nana" and everyone in the family calls here that!

My sister-in-law is "Grams" and that is also popular now! I have a friend that is called Grandma, MiMi, another is called NaNee. Oh, so many choices are already taken!

What is Your Name:

Granny-Smith Apples

So I thought, "What is your name going to be?" What were my options? I immediately thought of the name that I called my Grandmother growing up "Granny" and thought that is what I will call myself. So, that's it, I would loving call myself Granny and honor her memory!

Then around August just before the boys were born, my son heard me refer to myself as "Granny" and he looked at me and said "Mom, you aren't an apple!" So, I guess he thought I was referring to "Grannie Smith" apples and we all had a great laugh over that!

What is Your Name:
Still trying to decide...

Naming Heart

So, ten months later, I find myself still trying to find a Nickname. There are many to choose from, but I really haven't found the right fit yet! Gigi (G-G/one for each of my grandsons) is a strong possibility.

I really think age or maturity has something to do with what we want to be named. Are you more traditional or contemporary in thinking? Do you want to reflect your cultural background? I suggest you think about it or your kids will probably give you a name that you may not be particularly fond or or really like. You see, we have to like it since we will be stuck with it for a very long time. In fact, you will probably be called this nickname more than your own name within your family.

It is final, yes, I'm known as GiGi.  The boys now greet me either on Face Time or the the front door with GiGi!   Oh, what a wonderful feeling to have little ones smiling faces and calling out grandparents names! 

I recently had a friend send a Face Book message...."There is nothing better than when your grandbaby runs up to you and says, "Nannie, I love you and then gives you a big hug."  Life is good!

However, you may choose a name and then one day, your grandchildren will make up their name for you!

When choosing your grandparents name...

Remember to consider this question thoroughly!  "What is your Name?"   Oh, you will probably be known by this name for the rest of your life!

Also, remember, even if you come up with a name, your grandchild may name you.....not the name you want, but the one that they come up with and call your name each time he sees you.

American Flag unveiled at a Texas A&M Football game

Let me also tell you that the first time you hear your grandchildren call you by this name, you will have a very unique feeling!   I compare it to the goosebumps when the American flag is unfurled at a Texas A&M University football game or a professional game. 

You will also feel this same goose-bumpy, smile from ear to ear, proud, and so many other emotions when they  fall into your arms and hug your neck!  

Oh, love is so good!

What is your Name:

Traditional Names are still used

I thought I had the perfect name selected for my husband. Having been a captain in the US Naval Reserve, I thought that the name "Cappy" would have been perfect for him. He didn't like it at all. He wanted a name more traditional, so he likes the name "Grandpa."

The boys now have started to call him "Poppi" and he beams each time he hears his name called.  He feels that is a great name!

So What is your Nickname?

A few of the names that have been submitted are familiar and some are unique. 

Keep posting below and I will add to our ongoing list of great grandmother nicknames!










Some grandfather names include: PePaw, PaPa, Pops, Poppy, etc.  As you can see, there are many non-traditional names. 

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials

What is you Name? Please complete this form and help me collect a list of Nicknames that you and your husband are called. This will be an interesting polling of what names are popular in 2012!

What do your Grandkids call You?

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