"We Are Pregnant!"

"Surprise! We are pregnant!"            

Those were the wonderful words from our daughter and son-in-law after they surprised us with a text message this past year.

Yes, the beauty of technology!

They sent a text snapshot of a Home Pregnancy Test and it read "YES!"

As Grandparents to be, now "The Basic discussions" became our primary focus. Of course, I had concerns, emotions, and apprehension for our daughter, but then reality set in!

So, in this picture above, you see the original home pregnancy test, a sample of another test and then a picture of the two embryos that showed for sure that we were going to have twin grandsons!

I'm going to be a Grandmother!!! Yes, when those wonderful words "We Are Pregnant" were exclaimed, my world changed! As I'm sure your world will change when you hear those words too!

Yes two babies

My first reaction

My first reaction was probably as yours! I felt the fireworks, stars a-blazing and a pathway...to my heart!

“Yippee!” I was so glad that no one could see the “happy dance” I performed in the kitchen and even happier that it didn’t make YouTube!

I was really surprised at my emotional reaction: hugs and tears, pride and joy, uncontrollable laughter that I have never experienced!


JOEY, My Daughters' Special Bear

Recently, I saw a bear that resembled my daughter's bear, Joey. 

This stuffed bear captured my daughter's heart when she was a one year old baby.

She even carried it to college!

Joey has shared much happiness in life!

We are Pregnant

What are those Grandparenting Essentials basic questions?


Now that you have the news, the tears are dry and realism sets in!

As soon as our children announced those marvelous words about being pregnant, then we knew we would be very active grandparents.

What questions about the pregnancy will you have?

Or what questions did you have when you heard the news about your first grandchild?

These were a few of the questions that we asked:

  • How are you feeling?
  • When will our grandbaby be born?
  • Multiples: Twins? or Triplets?
  • Sonograms?


Now continue:

  • What can we do to help you now and in the future?
  • Are you going to continue to work? Insurance?
  • What theme are you going to use in the nursery? (Shopping!)

Breathe some more.....

  • When are we having a shower?
  • Are you going to use cloth diapers? Disposables?  Diaper Service?
  • Really, Honey, how are you feeling?


As our family sadly learned from the past, announcing a pregnancy too early can result in unhappiness. When a Mom suffers a miscarriage, she often wishes that she had just kept the pregnancy a secret that only she and her husband knew. So you may want to keep this news quiet for the first three months (first trimester) in case there are medical complications.

We are Pregnant

How do we Notify Everyone?


However, once the "We Are Pregnant" news is announced, be prepared, happy news will travel fast within your family and circle of friends.

Social Media (email, Face Book, Twitter, etc.) and online access through Skype and Face Time make it easy to connect with family and friends for support. Since our daughter and husband are Face Book subscribers, exciting news traveled fast!

For those special family members, cell phones delivered the special message so they could hear that special first reaction! Everyone was so excited for the ecstatic couple!

High-Risk Pregnancy

As the pregnancy continued, our daughter was considered to be High-Risk.

With experts and access to sites that were very helpful in answering various questions, i.e.: Sidelines National Support Network which is a non-profit organization provides international support for women and their families experiencing complicated pregnancies and premature births.

Read more in the attached link below ...

High Risk Pregnancy - Sidelines provides nationwide support for women with complicated pregnancies and their families. We are committed to provide support, education, and advocacy to women with high risk pregnancies.


Home Pregnancy Test

Ok, once the Home Pregnancy Test reads "yes", then is it time to contact your loved ones?  

Let the parent's make this announcement on when to notify everyone. They may want to wait until the second trimester.

Your children will be able to notify family and friends in a variety of ways including social media listed below.   You may have older friends and family that don't have access to computer.   Please either call, write them a letter or send them a card telling them of this joyous occasion!

And of course, be prepared to answer the following questions?

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

From We Are Pregnant to Nine Months and Counting

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