Upchuck Yuckity Yuk

 Grandchildren's First Illness--a VIRUS, thus the term Upchuck Yuckity Yuk was coined!

Upchuck Yuckity Yuk! Oh this isn’t the name of a song or new dance phase!

I’m sure this isn’t a proper definition of what I felt, smelled, or observed when our grandbabies visited last week. However, that is the only terminology that is appropriate for me to use in this forum to describe our grandchildren’s first illness, a virus which resulted in, you guessed it, a not so fun day on Serendipity Trail!

As you may recall, we babysit every Tuesday and often throughout the week as needed. When the boys arrived last week, I knew that neither felt well…it may just be a grandmother’s intuition, but I knew that we were probably going to have a long day!

Sickly baby girl

Do you remember when your children were sick?

That lackadaisical feeling when they just want to lay their heads down on your shoulder and seem to whine or cry continuously!   Although we had ew toys, neither really wanted to join in and play!

Also, nothing that you offered was going to make them happy!   They didn't want to eat or drink anything.   They ate very little breakfast and refused snacks.  Yes, I knew that we were about to experience another phase of being a grandparent.  Oh, secretly I really dreaded the next eight hours. 

Well, I was right and my husband agreed, we had two sick little boys on our hands. 

Usually rambunctious and energetic, they both seemed to move in slow motion. They didn’t have that fun, active spirit of activity that we are so used to seeing each week. 

And then it happened…

“What is that smell?”


And then it happened…our first dirty diaper that resulted in the question “What is that smell?” “How can that come out of my precious grandson?”  Just can't imagine! And then I questioned, "Who is going to change this diaper?”   Then all of a sudden, it was the other end.   He was throwing up violently!

So the day that began slowly was now full of more surprises!   Just like I have described except that it was double the fun! Yes, twin brother also began having diarrhea too! Description of the day: Double duty on the patootie and other forms of excretion cleanup!

My husband is so good to help out with all the babysitting duties including changing those dirty diapers.

Scrunched up face


I must admit whenever I change any dirty diaper of this magnitude, I must scrunch up my face and not breathe until the process is over!

Funny thing is, I noticed that my grandson was too! It is that horrific smell that nearly knocks you out!

Question: How can that be? How can that come from my handsome, entertaining and smart grandson...no words, except Yuckity Yuk!

I’m sure you may have smelled something like that before!   Or maybe not!  There are no words that can explain how foul the odor is at that one moment. 

Buy the Name Brand

Purchase the best Brand Diaper

Diaper Purchases at the Store

Yes, it is times like this when you are thankful that you have purchased the best name brand diaper on the market.

However, it just so happens, my husband had purchased an off brand at a local store because "it was so much cheaper" and he had a coupon.

Now from this experience alone, there is a reason why you buy the more expensive diaper and we can now tell you why.

“Double the fun!”

You see a cheaper diaper can “explode” and cause the tiny molecules inside the diaper to erupt throughout the diaper and onto the child's skin and everything else that is in the area! So when you open the diaper to change it, these tiny molecules are already everywhere! Messy clean up!

Also, a cheaper diaper can leak, either liquid or solid wastes all down the legs, around the legs, up the back, and anywhere else that “the Yuckity Yuk” can escape. How do I know all of this, you ask?

Of course, we experienced it that day! So beware when you try to save a few dollars on a pack of diapers…it isn’t worth it!

Yes, when that happens, I can guarantee that you will be adding to your daily duties; i.e., more clean up, washing baby clothes and maybe bedding before the day ends. Also, you really need to give your grandbaby a bath!

So the day continues…

By mid-morning, it was obvious that both of the boys were sick. Upchuck Yuckity Yuk! So somehow I texted both parents, checked the diaper bag for a thermometer, and tried to make them as comfortable as possible. Both were very eager to take their morning nap, by falling asleep in our arms, which is not normal. Our goal is keep them hydrated and comfortable.

However, both boys were awake by 12:15 and ready for lunch. Eager to eat and playful! They seemed more like themselves! I fixed the lunch that Mom had sent and both were hungry!

Of course, before I knew it, what was going in had come out! Yes, our first regurgitation, vomiting, puking, upchuck...Second Upchuck Yuckity Yuk experience of the day!

I called for my husband to come help since I had vomit and the smell of other issues invading the air and in my hands! This can be called, “You have your ‘Hands Full’ at the moment!” So, together, we were able to clean up both ends of both boys! However, that "special" diaper had leaked and we had to change his clothes again. Yes, more washing and drying of clothes!

Grandpa ran to the store to get Pedialyte to help with our grandchildren's dehydration when vomiting and having diarreha. This product was used when our kids were sick to control electrolytes and I was glad it was still available.

Later, I checked on the Pedialyte website and found a booklet that will assist Mom's with the stomach flu like symptoms. You may want to check it out, it has some great information!

I’m a Rocker

My Mom holding her first great- grandson.....can you see the joy in her  face?

She continues the traditions that she had with her grandchildren.   She hold, sings, and rocks all the babies the same. 

All the grandchildren and great-grandchildren love her!

Grandmother rocking

Immediately, my grandson fell into my arms and almost never left that afternoon. It was obvious that he had something, probably a virus.

I again called his mother and she contacted the pediatrician that stated that “this is going around” and the following probably will happen:

  • Will run a low grade temperature
  • Will have diarrhea
  • Will vomit
  • Will be lethargic

Check, check and double check! Yes, that has already happened!

  • Must run its course....the virus can last from 24 hours to 5 days!
  • Keep them hydrated and comfortable.

So yes, I became a “Rocker!” No, not a rock star, a rocker for the rest of the afternoon.

He felt so bad and it was obvious wanted to be in my arms. Once, while he was asleep, I moved a pillow over for him on the floor, a pallet made of a very soft blanket. He slept long enough for me to finish cleaning up the kitchen mess before he was ready for me to hold him again. He turned, saw me and then crawled to me and held up his arms. What's a Granny to do, but be a Rocker!

Yes, as you may know, there isn’t anything like the arms of a Mom or Grandmother! Ha, except that of a Dad or Grandfather! Just take the time to show that compassion.

Relax and enjoy this special time with your child. You will always be rewarded through their show of emotion. While I was holding him, he took his small warm hand and touched my check and hugged me even tighter. There is no price for this type of emotion! A tear trickled down my check!

Oh, no…..oh, great, just pray that we don’t get it too! Especially my 92 year old Mom who hasn’t been feeling well either!


Now, my husband comes in to change our other grandson, yes, he now has diarrhea.

Oh, yes, remember the saying, “Double the fun!” Yes, both boys were sick, but we made it through the day!

Dinner was going to be a bland diet of dry toast, water, and Pedialyte! However, Dad came after them early and I packed it all up and sent it home.


After we helped get them in the car, I came back in the house and started to spray Lysol spray everywhere!

I also cleaned all the toys that the boys had been playing with today. I'm not a germaphobe, but do want to get rid of the germs so maybe we can keep from getting sick!

My Little Stinkers!

Little Stinkers

All I can do now is call them our "Lil' Stinkers!"

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How do you React to your Grandchildren's Illness

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