Take Digital Photography Classes

Take Digital Photography Classes to enhance any photographs that you make in the future!  Whether it is of your new grandchildren or other family members,  a sports event or beautiful flowers outside the front door, you will know the proper settings and how to get the best image possible.  I decided to attend this class after going to a professional photography shoot for my grandson's first picture.   Yes, as we discussed photography, her techniques peeked my interest!

So I decided to take a digital photography class at the local community college after our grandsons were born!

Fun examples and essential information were shared with all the participants in the class. Our instructor explained many techniques for capturing the moment and offered grandparents taking infant photos many tips!

Take Digital Photography Classes:
Do's and Don'ts

A few of these "do's and don'ts" that the instructor discussed in class and you should remember include:

  • Have good natural lighting; no flash around the baby
  • If inside a home or studio, you must have a warm space using heaters near the area, but not too close to burn the infant
  • If outside, locate an area where you have control of the light; either all shade or low light.

  • Take extra care to be gentle with the child, holding and positioning as needed to create a look.  This photo was just before the baby was to go home.  As you can see, lighting in the hospital could have been approved upon. 
  • Once home, have a couple of baskets, cushions, and display drapes (one that is black) available for the shoot.   To save time at the shoot, discuss the different poses with the professional prior to arrival. 
  • An example would be what baby is dressed in prior to going home  or the parents as they enter the door at home.

  • Check often to make sure that the baby's circulation in his extremities has good flow
  • To calm the baby, have the baby nurse or take a bottle just before the process begins
  • Many babies will sleep through this first shoot, so enjoy these special and calm pictures
  • Have the camera lens low and close to the baby as you shoot
  • Consider shooting in color and convert to Back and white in order to correct any blemishes in a photo editing program such as Photoshop.

Take Digital Photography Classes:
Always have your Camera Available

Remember to have the camera available during your daily routine so you can capture all those precious moments from laughing, crying, and those times when they are curious and trying to figure out a life situation.

I have often been asked what photos should be a must to capture?  In my experience, it is important to have the following on a list of "must haves" so that either you, the husband, or special member of the family can take during the first 24-36 hours of your grandbabies life! 

Oh, really as I look at this list, I could go on and on.   So the list below is just a spattering of photos that you might consider when making your list of must haves!

  • Before delivery moments
  • Birth of baby inside delivery room
  • Mom and Dad holding baby
  • Grand and great-grand parents holding baby
  • Babies sweet face including hair, ears, eyes
  • Babies hands and fingers, feet and toes
  • Babies smile or expressions
  • Baby sleeping
  • Baby nursing or taking first bottle
  • Diaper changing
  • Siblings seeing baby for first time and kissing baby
  • Important hospital activities: birth certificates with feet stamping
  • Baby in first clothes
  • NICU isolation
  • Important Nurses and Doctors
  • Important Guests that visit
  • Leaving the hospital setting: with Mom in wheelchair with baby in her arms

Taking Digital Photography Classes:
Reality Shots

Take Digital Photography Classes:
    Get to know your Camera....  

One discussion while you take a digital photography class is to get to know your camera.  I'm not going to discuss the specifics of a camera: lens, or aperture setting, etc. As explained to the grandparents taking infant photos, the most important thing is you must get to know the camera that you will be using.

Let me emphasize that you must read your manual that was included with your camera or if lost, you can find it online. Become familiar with all the settings that are available.

On some of cameras, settings are automatic. On others, you will need to set various settings, so be prepared! You will want to capture all those special moments!

In the class that I took, all the students had different cameras and we were forced to read our manuals to discover settings and how the pictures looked when we used a different setting, how the picture would be altered. Practice, practice, practice! Grandparents taking infant photos must practice in order to be prepared to take those special pictures of their greatest subjects--their grandbabies!

Take Digital Photography Classes:
Practice, practice, practice

Here are a few of the shots that I took on plants and other shots to practice for my class.   Each day were given assignments from color, contrast, etc.  Then we shared with our class the various photography shots that we made. 

Can you pick out below the professional shot?   Difficult isn't it....well, you are right!   The professional wedding shot is of my neighbor's daughter's wedding.  I thought it was a beautiful photograph and has excellent lighting highlights! 

Pa tio Flowers

Taking Digital Photography Classes: Getting familiar with camera settings


As grandparents take a digital photography classes will allow you to become a semi-professional at taking infant photos.   Remember to take photographs at every opportunity:  to "click" on those special shots whether you are at home, the park or at a special party location. 

Holidays are especially important!  So snap away and don't be bashful!   You will love having all these different poses to look at or share.   Also, remember with digital, you can delete so easily.   You will also find that with energetic babies, so often a picture that you think was great is out of focus because of movement.  So be prepared and take various shots.

Do you scrapbook?   If so, this is another reason to take multiple poses!

Also, encourage the parents to hire a professional photographer at different times throughout the early stages of this first year of life.

If possible, try to include grandparents in these shots. It does take a lot of preparation and juggling of schedules, but these photos in later years are so memorable.

It was suggested that ages 6 to 8 months is usually one of the best times to get the personality shots!

Whether you have an expensive or inexpensive digital camera, a video camera, or just use your cell phone or ipad, you will always enjoy the great shots of your grandbabies in this digial world that we live in! 

So share these precious memories with others through email, Social Media or Scrapbooking!  Everyone will look forward to seeing your grandbabies pictures!

Take Digital Photography Classes:
What to Consider

  • Review the "Do's and Don'ts" above
  • Practice, practice, practice before the baby arrives
  • Make sure you have charged the device or have batteries
  • Take multiple shots
  • Enjoy taking the photos for future sharing through Social Media, Scrapbooking or email

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