Swaddling Issues for Babies

Swaddling issues for babies have caused daycare centers in several states to ban this process.

As you can see above, baby and Daddy are sharing a moment in the NICU just moments after his birth!  My grandson is swaddled and content to begin his new life!

I was really surprised to hear the statement that swaddling issues for babies has caused specific issues since swaddling has been a recognized soothing technique for babies for years. 

However, recently, daycare facilities in Minnesota and Texas have banned swaddling in their facilities.  Also, facilities in Pennsylvania and California have been discouraging the swaddling process to all daycare facilities within those states.   

Swaddling Issues for Babies...Recent Ban?

As you can see in this picture, this baby is "All Wrapped Up!" and ready for a restful and relaxed sleep in this fabric swaddle blanket.

So, what’s prompted this recent ban on swaddling? 

The swaddling issues for babies was generated in 2011, by a study of the National Resource Center on Child and Health Safety (NRC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) concluded that swaddling can increase the risks of “serious health outcomes” and concluded that “swaddling is not necessary or recommended” in any childcare setting.

The AAP named several specific swaddling issues or related concerns for babies in their report which included:

  • Hip dysplasia or dislocation (tight swaddling increases the chances of hip problems.)
  • Loose blankets in the crib (if a baby breaks free of the swaddle, the blanket can cover his face, increasing the risk of SIDS.)
  • Stomach sleeping (if a swaddled baby is placed on her stomach to sleep, or if she rolls from her back to her stomach while swaddled, it increases the risk of SIDS.)
  • Improper swaddling technique in general (the AAP has concerns that not all childcare workers know how to safely swaddle babies.)

Nurses in the NICU re-emphasized how to correctly swaddle your baby and grandbaby. 

A statistic I recently read was that 85% of new Mom's swaddle their babies.  That statistic doesn't surprise me when this process is usually emphasized in baby classes and grandparenting classes. 

Most new parents and grandparents realize immediately that all babies sleep better and stay calmer when they are swaddled.  Fussy babies seem to always calm down when swaddled before being placed in bed. 

So What is Mom and Grandmother to Do?

I suggest that you watch the video below on the proper way to swaddle your baby or grandbaby. 

You will want to make sure that you can provide the best swaddle wrap!

Key Points to Remember on Swaddling

Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block recommends the following key points in order to have an accurate swaddle.  He also suggests that you push your local day care to teach the proper technique.  "If they can be trained to do CPR, is it any harder to be trained to swaddle a baby correctly?  Karp asks.

Do the process correctly by following these key points:

  • Wrap tight around the arms and loose around the lower torso
  • Baby's hips should be able to bend and move in and out while his arms are stiff at his side
  • Swaddle fabric should be made out of a breathable fabric, i.e., cotton blends
  • Swaddled babies should never be put on their stomachs to sleep

Swaddling Issues for Babies Continue...

More points to consider that were discussed during the NICU training include: 

  • Stop using the swaddle wrap when baby can wiggle out
  • Stop using when baby can roll over
  • Do not overdress so baby will become warm inside of swaddle
  • Always place on back to sleep

To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle?

Remember as a new parent or grandparent, if the swaddle is correctly placed on the baby, then you will find that your baby is very happy and will rest more comfortably!

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials.

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