Sharing Scrapbooking Examples

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples are essential when creating unique family memories of the past.  

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples
My first Scrapbooking Experience

Well, what prompted my first scrapbooking experience?  Below I plan on giving you specific examples of scrapbooking examples that I have created during the last few years. 

My son’s college graduation from Texas A&M University in 2007 was within 6 months and I wanted to give him something unique for his graduation.  I thought what better way to showcase his senior year and the special times he had experienced as an Aggie.   I included photos, extensive journaling the following in his scrapbook or memory album.

Please see below how I used photos, labels, ribbons, journaling, embellishments, and die cuts to create these pages.

  • As an Aggie Mom, I was involved in many activities that allowed me to purchase scrapping items (embellishments, decals, labels, letters, and “the jackpot” was a fellow scrapbooker sold Aggie related items at Boutique one year including punched cutouts of Reveille, bonfire, Aggie, etc.)  that I could use to decorate or enhance each page of the scrapbook
  • Special events: Pictures of Ring Day that included several members of his family, International Studies, pics of his England studies, him addressing invitations to graduation, apartments that he had lived in while at school, etc.
  • Asked him to keep and give me all the home game football programs that I used to pull out Aggie memorabilia and highlighted the games that we both attended that year and often made pictures of us together

Pages made with personal photos, unique card stock colorful papers, journaling using archival multicolored specialized pen colors, clear  page protectors, ribbons, labels, and various Texas A&M labels.

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples

  • Photographed him at the Mays Business School where he received his undergrad and Masters’ degrees the following year. 
  • Also, took pictures throughout campus, including from the Press box at Kyle Field, and other memorable sites around College Station, Texas.
  • That year, the Aggie basketball team also went farther in the playoffs than ever before and we attended that game in San Antonio.   I had pictures of him and his friends included in that event.
  • Included traditions that only Texas A&M is known for throughout the Big 12 and now SEC  

  • Also had professional brochures, handouts from the college, etc. that were cut and used in the 80 page scrapbook. 
  • Included some of the photos that he had taken while in Europe during his International Studies

  • Of course, you must have a willing participant and I’m sure, my son didn’t enjoy my photographing him at the various events, but the overall final scrapbook was very special to him when I presented it to him on graduation day.   His friends and family were very surprised and really seemed to enjoy the memories that were included.   I feel it is something that he can enjoy and will appreciate for years to come!

Interview:  I asked him recently to send me pictures of his scrapbook and then asked him, was it worth my time to create his scrapbook!   He said that he wanted to just sit and review each page, really brought back good memories!

He just texted me , “Mom, without your talents and skills, I would not be able to remember all of the moments of my college years.  I am so thankful that you  were able to capture so much!”  Very much worth your time!  Then ended our conversation with “We are the Aggies, the Aggies are We!”   He still has the college traditions instilled in him and renewed through this unique scrapbook visit!

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples
Since that Time...

Since that time, I have completed many scrapbooks, and I usually have a theme that I follow...

I continue to consider creating other special scrapbooks and sharing with other family members.  I have thoughts of creating pages for my husband’s military career. 

I have several that I have "stuff" saved including one for my daughter when she was a student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  Just need to find time to "reduce clutter by scrapbooking!"

Sharing Scrapbook Examples that I have made are displayed below:

  • Birthday:  My Mom’s 90th birthday Scrapbook that had pages about her life as a child, her high school graduation, her marriage to my father, her children, her hometown, friends and then of course, her grandchildren each had 2 pages in included showing tribute to her.

Scrapbook Example created by her family to celebrate Nana's 90th birthday!

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples
Baby Books

  • Baby Books:  When we recently moved, I noticed that I still had boxes in a plastic container of pictures, weight charts, shower well-wishes and other memorabilia in an old plastic bedspread container.   Yes, you guessed it, these were pictures of my children, not my grandchildrenI have kept these treasurers for over 33 years!  Yikes!   So for Christmas last year, I spent months scrapbooking my kids baby books! 

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples

  • Memorial Scrapbook created for my best friend when her father died.  It included pages about her father's 100 birthday that we attended and a dedication of a special area in his name, the Prayer Labyrinth at First United Methodist Church, Arlington, TX.

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples
Activities and travels

  • Activities and travels… After my father passed away in 2003, I noticed that my Mom needed a getaway!  She was very involved in many activities at home: Church and the Woman’s group, local Library, bridge club, Red Hat club, etc.   In small towns, you can be a very active senior.   However, I felt that it would benefit us both to have a week away.  

So I surprised her with a phone call to tell her to get her bags packed and we left for a visit to the Hill Country of Texas and various scenic locations in South Texas including Austin, San Antonio and various small towns. 

This was a special trip and all along the trip, I made special photos of my Mom including riding the gondolas in San Antonio. 

  • She also invited me to the local Red Hatter’s Christmas luncheon that year and I included those special pictures too. 

Then for Christmas that year, I surprised her with a scrapbook of our memories of the trip.   She often will look at these pictures now and remember those special times together!      

Honey Grove Red Hat Sweeties Scrapbook

Special trip taken to Texas Hill Country in 2007 featuring a picture of Mom and information where we traveled

Mom with some of her friends at the monthly meeting

Fun Times in San Antonio including ticket stubs and pictures of the gondola ride

Sharing Scrapbooking Examples
For Grandbaby's Too

I mentioned to my daughter over the weekend that I must begin the boys 1st year baby book; as well as, the Baby Books that we never finished when they were first born!    Where does the time go?  

As you can see, I have the supplies, the embellishments, the books, everything that is needed to get started!   Yes, reduce clutter-scrapbook has become a way of life!  Find the time to create and capture family memories that you will enjoy for years to come. 

Now to decide if we want to do the traditional scrapbook or to the impressive evolution into digital image form are referred to as "digital scrapbooks" or "computer scrapbooks.  

Oh, I know what the answer is....I will have to use my stock of scrapping papers, embellishments and pictures to create scrapbooks for the twins!   I have too much invested in "scrapping" products not to use them! 

So I will continue to reduce clutter by Scrapbooking!  How about you?

Happy Scrapbooking!


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