Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking and enjoy preserving your individual family memories for a lifetime! Yes, by using embellishments, journaling, and various forms of scrapbooking, you will create a family memory for all to enjoy!

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
Where did all those pictures come from?

More pictures found in the closet

When we moved, I upgraded from shoe boxes to plastic boxes shown above. 

Yes, I'm sure that we all, prior to the world of iphones and digital formats, have stored our older personal pictures of our kids and families, film still in canisters that haven't been developed, and all the exposed film still in those paper wrappers in many shoe boxes or other plastic box containers. So what do you do with all these?

The answer is to reduce clutter by scrapbooking!   Check out the old photographs and see if any are still useable in those plastic boxes!    If unusable or you can't identify those in the pictures, I would suggest you toss.   if useable, it's scrapbook time!

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
Old Photo Albums

Yes, most of you will discover that most of the old photos were placed in those old albums which were probably stored away either in the attic or dark closets. You may have inherited these dreadful, yellowing albums from your parents or grandparents. 

For your sake, I hope you don't have "those" albums, since so many of those weren’t treated (archival-proofed) and all too often, were glue-type albums.  As seen in the example above, these pages will tear the photos when you try to remove them to place in the approved acid-free albums in today’s markets.  

Good luck

You may find it is impossible to save the photographs and will have to make copies of the individual photos per page since you may no longer be able to recover the individual photos. 

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
Why Scrapbook?

Good question?  When you saw the title "Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking" you probably asked the same question!  Why scrapbooking?  Why not just toss all that stuff out!  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you creative? 
  • Do you enjoy crafts? 
  • Do you have extra or free time to work on various projects?

If so, you will be rewarded with photographic treasures that you will enjoy for years to come.

Believe me, I resisted getting involved in scrapbooking!  Scrapbooking is a craft  pastime for many individuals in the United States and many of my friends have been involved in scrapping for years.

For me,  the "Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking" page means that I wanted to retain various family history and memories through  personal pictures, describing specific events through journaling or writing down those specific times of importance and adding decorations or embellishments to make the page uniquely mine!

I was always told how expensive scrapbooking was, how much time it took and where do you put all of that stuff!  

Yes, as I have found out through the years, it is an expensive hobby!  You do have to buy various Scrapbooking Equipment and supplies that I have listed below.   These items are essential in completing a professional looking page. 

Scrapbooking Equipment

Above, the cutter required to crop papers and pictures.  Laminator used for those cropped photos.

Cricuit, an essential die-cut Scrapbooking Tool

For Christmas a few years ago, my husband bought me a  Cricuit which is very popular in scrapbooking.   It allows you to select specific designs and cuts it immediately to be used. 

I haven't taken it out of the box since we moved almost two years ago.   I haven't "reduced clutter by scrapbooking" lately! 

All the equipment, supplies and tools you will have to buy!  How do you know what to use, how to make a design, or where to find those special items.  Those questions are answered below. 

Then you would probably get hooked going to scrapping conventions, or visiting friend’s houses to scrap, and/or weekend getaways just to scrapbook!  Even take a cruise and scrapbook while on the cruise, never!   

I noticed today that there is a National Convention in Arlington, Texas in June 2013.  This is for all scrapbooks in the United States and is held twice each year. What fun it will be to visit with various vendors, take classes on new procedures or techniques and purchase more scrapbooking supplies and equipment at a "reduced" rate!

There was even a scrapbooking retreat in my former hometown!  Yes, scrapbookers would meet at this home retreat which provided a weekend of scrapping, eating, sharing techniques and just enjoying the process!  Oh, and little sleep!  Although there were rooms with beds available, most ladies enjoyed the scrapbooking opportunity and stayed up late and was up early throughout the weekend!

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
Or Just Say NO!

Well, after years of just saying no, I walked a local scrapbooking store and listened to her excitement about creating new scrapbooks for her family memories.   Then before I knew it, I was also hooked into this new phenomenon that seemed to be taking over the craft world!

I bought those ‘cutesy’ items, embellishments, you know those packages you see hanging throughout the scrapbooking area to decorate the pages, bought the tools, other supplies and equipment to create the pages!  Yes, even attended a class while on a cruise ship!   I was hooked!

I think I reasoned that I have all these photos, I have all these collected forms of memorabilia and what better to do with it than create pages for my loved ones!  

Yes, I’ve been addicted to scrapbooking for several years now!   As you can see above, I have a portable rolling cart that I can take with me when I'm in scrapbooking mode.  

One thing I like about scrapbooking, I can work on it for days and then, I can put it away and come back to it later!    Except for the cost and cleanup, I feel it is probably one of the best crafting activities that we have available!  

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
My Favorite Supplies that you will Need

Most of scrapbooking today uses 12 inch scrapbooks and pages that usually have insertion rods that will allow the scrapbook to expand to the size that you need.  Since you can also find smaller albums too, check out what is best for you!  You can find a variety at all craft stores. 

As you go to the local scrapbooking store or the local craft store, you will find specific areas. for scrapbooking. Usually, you will find aisle after aisle of various supplies, equipment and the newest of items for the scrapbooking world.

I have just listed a generic list of items that you will need below.  These are items that you will need in order to develop a page. 

Scrapbooks are a must!  Sometimes you can purchase pages that already focus on a themed, pre-designed paper and embellishments!   Grab it!

Stuff stored in these boxes are filled with the embellishments that are needed to create those remarkable pages!

  • clear page protectors
  • background papers that are usually card stock and usually colorful or have texture
  • mount photos with acid-free glue, adhesive dots or photo mounting tape
  • various multicolored archival pens
  • ribbons, buttons, laces, florals, beads
  • rubber stamps
  • various craft punches, hammers, lifts
  • eyelet setters
  • stencils for lettering
  • rub-on lettering or diagrams
  • specialized scissors with various cutting blades

I probably have spent more money on the various special accessories that are referred to as embellishments.  

Yes, this is the stuff that you include on a page that makes your pages unique and unbelievable!  Reduce clutter-scrapbook refers to the "personal stuff" that you accumulate and want to use on a page including napkins, ticket stubs, ribbons, lace, buttons, handwork, anything that would make a page uniquely yours. 

This list of embellishments include rub-on stickers, unique rubber stamps and die cuts or punches, eyelets, ribbons, silk flowers, brads, buttons, beading, lace, and any cute unique item that would enhance my page!  

Of course, this doesn't include the personal stuff that you will include from computer generated lettering, pictures, and other memorabilia.

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
So what would you include in a Scrapbook?

I had always been a saver, but never had organized anything!    It was all in drawers, boxes, crates, etc.  

Are you like that? 

Do you keep something thinking: “Oh, I will probably be able to use that one day”….and you have it for years? 

As you can see below, I have storage for all that stuff now that I will eventually use in scrapbooks!  

I have taken the time to separate items per child and other family members.  I also have placed photos in these drawers that will highlight the pages!  

Looking forward to future scrapbooking opportunities and creating those special pages! 

Organization is key to being able to locate and eventually use the items that you need to create a page.  Various storage is the key to this organization from paper to personal embellishments.  

As you can see, I'm still trying to get my scrapbooking area arranged!

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking

Various types of Storage

Metal rack usually for storing papers

Clear archival storage boxes protect papers and embellishments

Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking
Scrapbooking Examples

Please check out the page on Sharing Scrapbooking Examples for ideas on how you can create unique pages of family memories. 

In the future, I will be creating additional scrapbooks by using my stock of scrapping papers, embellishments and pictures to create scrapbooks!   I have too much invested in "scrapping" products not to use them! 

So I will continue to "Reduce Clutter by Scrapbooking!  How about you?

Happy Scrapbooking!


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