Ready to be Grandparents?

"Ready to be Grandparents?" was the question my daughter lovingly asked. This could also be known as D-Day or Delivery Day!

Yes, we are "Ready to be Grandparents!"

After 10 days being in the hospital, her husband had pushed her wheelchair to Dr. Wells’ office where he told her that she needed to have her babies today, Friday, September 16, 2011. He continued to be very concerned about Baby B’s cord blood flow and it was time for him to be born. Yes, as he explained “he—Baby B will be better on the outside than inside!”

Yes, the boys were to have been Halloween babies born on October 31, 2011 and yes, as I looked at the calendar, that is 6 weeks and 1 days early. She is measured at 33 weeks and 6 days.

So when she called us around 8:30 that Friday , September 16th and asked, "Ready to be Grandparents?"-- her father and I did another happy dance!

What magical words for two people who had waited so long to experience that feeling!

Wheelchairs became a mode of transportation before the babies were born.

Wheelchair Mobility
First Breath of Life

First breath of Life!


Tagged, labeled and Identified as my Grandson!

What an exciting day in our changing! Our twin Grandson's were born and this new exciting time in our lives began!

Ready to be Grandparents:


Ready to be Grandparents?

My husband and I dressed and hurriedly made the trek to the hospital one more time. However, this trip was much more exciting.  I had driven these miles so many times during her pregnancy, but before I leave today, I will see my twin grandsons!

We just hoped we would get there before the boys were born! We took two cars just in case, I had to stay overnight.

We have a Delivery...Oops!

Upon arrival, we found that we shouldn’t have rushed. I would have had time to have washed my hair!

As we rushed to her room, we learned that an emergency surgery was put ahead of their delivery and now she was at the end of the surgery rotation which would mean that she would be delivering later in the afternoon.

So she basically spent the day waiting for the boys’ arrival.   We used that time laughing and reminiscing various memories of the past 8 months!  Wonderful time of celebrating, but the clock was still ticking.....

Clock was Still Ticking.....


Lunchtime passed and still no word on when she would go down. So around 2:30, my husband discussed the dogs. He left to go home to take care of the dogs....there are 4 (including our Abbie) that needed to be fed and let out during this long day and possibly night!

Getting Ready to Deliver Baby

He missed our daughter and son-n-law's leaving. I think that was probably wise thinking on his part and excellent time management!   It was a very emotional feeling to watch your very pregnant, high-risk daughter, be wheeled out! 

Prayers were said often throughout that day! Then the nursing staff rushed in with good luck comments and then Dr. Well's stopped by and asked "Are you ready to get these boys here?"

In fact, Mom was taken to the Delivery Room at 3:50 for her Caesarean Section.

We knew that it probably wouldn’t be very long before expectant Dad left to get into his hospital dress. He left at 4:23.

I've been asked, "Mom, how do you remember this?" I will explain below.

Baby is Born
Other Twin is Born
Tagged in NIC

Hints: How can Grandparents be
Useful while your Child is in Delivery?

If your child is having a Cesarean Delivery, you probably won't be allowed to be in the Delivery Room. Yes, we know, you are ready to be grandparents, so what can you do?

I asked, no begged to be in the room, but was told "NO!" by her OB/GYN, Dr. Wells. He said the room was too small to have more than one person along side the bed. That space, of course, was reserved for Dad!

So I compiled a checklist of things that I could do before the expectant parents left for Delivery. I became their personal photographer! Below is a list of pictures taken just prior to their leaving the room and then after returning!

CHECKLIST: When you aren't allowed to be part of the delivery, make yourself useful....volunteer to become a personal photographer for the new parents!

Digital Camera

  • Take pictures of the happy couple before delivery!
  • Take picture of each alone
  • Take picture of the clock when Mom leaves to go to Delivery
  • Take picture of Dad in his Hospital garb. Remind him to take the camera!
  • Take pictures of the room for memories

Delivery Clock

  • This is the clock when Dad left to go to the Delivery Room. Exciting times!

  • Make sure that your camera is charged or you have a new charged battery! Never a good time for your camera to stop working!

  • Take picture of the clock when the nurse comes in to tell you that the baby has arrived!

"Mom, how do you remember this?"

  • Take picture of Mom when she returns from Delivery
  • Take picture of Dad when he returns from NICU
  • Take pictures of the nursing staff--since she has been in the hospital for 10 days, you get to know all the staff rather well
  • Take picture of nurse pushing bed to the NICU
  • Take pictures of your first viewing of your Grandchild or Grandchildren in the NICU--take many since your hands are probably going to be shaking and you want to make sure that at least one of the pictures is usable!

Now pacing the floor ensued. I really didn't get anything accomplished that I had hoped to do! Nerves caused me to be fidgety. I just sat in the room waiting and waiting! I didn't have the television on. I occasionally answered a text or phone call that afternoon, but I was so anxious and "Ready to be Grandparents!"

Ready to be Grandparents: What Expectant Grandparents bring to the Hospital?

Keep the Bag Packed and Ready

Ready to be Grandparents?

Of course!

Then what did you take to the hospital to fill the time before the boys were born?

Several people have asked me and this is what I shared.

Yes, I had an Aggie Mom bag packed for weeks and carried it with me wherever I traveled. This shoulder bag was always in the trunk of my car; ready for the day when we would get the phone call!

  • I had brought the latest magazines and a new paperback to read....these however, remained in my bag.
  • I tried to read and found my brain was mush; can’t remember anything except your daughter is in the delivery room with twins and one is in stress.
  • Since I hadn't eaten, I opened the peanut-butter crackers in my bag. Couldn't eat!
  • Did bring a couple of bottles of water for hydration
  • Found my notepad to take notes for future reference.....couldn't write!

However, I did think about the birth of my own two children.  The pain and the issues associated with going through natural child birth.  


Continuous Prayer

Praying Hands
  • All that I could do was pray!
  • I asked God to take care of my beautiful daughter, give her the strength, courage and not be afraid!
  • To give her husband strength
  • For him to know when to take pictures of the births!
  • I also prayed that the Doctors have the talent and techniques needed to delivery my twin grandsons without issues.
  • I prayed for the nursing staff in the NICU to take care of my premature grandsons.
  • I prayed that I would be able to be the best grandmother!


My husband returns thank goodness! We were both pacing the floor and praying when we finally heard from the nursing staff that the boys were delivered at 4:25 and 4:26. So thankful that our prayers were answered!

Our daughter and the boys were all healthy.  She would be returning soon and then we would all go to see them at the NICU. 

Our lives were changed forever!

Yes, we were Ready to be Grandparents that day and very thankful that

it had finally happened!

Remember on this special day, Delivery Day, all things can go smoothly or there can be issues as one of our twins experienced in the cord blood flow and it was determined that it was time for him to be born.  As she was having a
Caesarean Section, we all continued to pray that my daughter and the twins would be healthy.

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