Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy issues may cause concern before, during and after birth

Pregnancy issues may cause concern before, during and after birth. Here is my story...

However, before I begin, I hope you have noticed throughout this site, that I have listed links at the end of this page to all the issues and related medical terms including definitions and medications if available.

My Pregnancy related Issues....

While I was pregnant with my son over 27 years ago, I had a condition called phlebitis or Deep Venous (Vein) Thrombosis which was pregnancy related and as the doctors told me at that time, would probably never be bothered with it again.

My neighbor saved my Life!

She Immediately Told Me...Go to

the Hospital...probably Saved my Life!

Library Books

My issues started one day after I had come home from working at the library, I noticed that my leg was still hurting. It had given me pain the night before and my husband had massaged it.

After being on my feet with research and class discussions for almost 8 hours, I got home and found my calf seemed to be more swollen and throbbing.

I decided I was going to take a nap to rest and elevate my leg when my neighbor came by to visit and probably saved my life!

I showed her my swollen leg!  She immediately told me that I had an extreme issue with my leg and I needed to go to my hospital, Arlington Memorial.

She stated that I probably had a blood clot!

She was an RN and frightened me! I rushed to call my doctor and he told me YES, definitely considered one of the pregnancy issues and to go immediately to the emergency room. 

I guess at that moment, I became a high-risk pregnancy.

Friend with her baby

In this picture, my daughter and her friend are as close as I was with my neighbor years ago.   I'm so glad they have their special friendship!

Both are in the medical field and often discuss pregnancy and birth-related issues.  Her friend has been very supportive and caring during her pregnance. 

Go Immediately to Hospital, Don't Stop...

Several Concerns during Pregnancy

We called my parents who immediately drove 2 and half hours to see me and pick up my daughter.   She would stay with them until our son was born. 

My husband drove me rather quickly and my thoughts focused on not having clothes ready--I didn't even have a suitcase with me, my frightened daughter in the backseat, the nursery wasn't completely done, no food cooked, etc.

But I realized quickly, that this one (of which I had several pregnancy issues that had occurred during this pregnancy) could be the most serious and I had to trust the medical staff to save my life.

Emergency Room Sign

Upon arrival, I was placed immediately in an emergency room bed, a drip was started, and various drugs including Heparin were started. We were told that I was lucky that the clot didn't break away and go to my heart while my husband was massaging my leg!

My parents were called to come to the hospital and take care of my daughter until we knew more. My husband would be taking care of me, the home and still trying to work until our son was born.

He drove over a 1000 miles during that short period of time between the hospital and home.


This was a difficult time for the entire family and for the next 10 days, I never left the bed, my legs were elevated over my heart and I slept most of the time due to the drugs that were being administered.

This was necessary, so I was told, to keep the blood flowing and to reduce blood clotting.

It's Time to be born!


After discussion with my doctors and specialists, it was determined that the clot had dissolved and that our son should be born soon.

So, that evening before delivery, the drugs were stopped and the plans were that I would give birth to my son the next morning.

All went well! He was born on March 12. 1985 before eleven! I was back in my room by noon ready to have a solid meal since arriving at the hospital. However, the drugs were again started to make sure that the clots wouldn't return.

I remained in the hospital three days and then went home on coumadin for six weeks. (Coumadin is now undergoing a redesign and Warfarin is its substitute.)

Having various issues was an emotional and scary time for all of us! I'm thankful that the nurses and doctors were so knowledgeable of the medical issues that I had during my pregnancy.

My Experience

Having pregnancy issues was an emotional and scary time for all of us!

Here are a few of the issues that I experienced during my pregnancy:

Blood clot

Deep Venous (Vein) Thrombosis



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