Hospital Protocol

Hospital Protocol becomes an important part of a pregnancy routine.

We learned this all too soon when on one of the Wednesday visits while her high-risk OB/GYN Dr. Wells’ was teaching at UT Southwestern Medical School.

My daughter saw Dr. Thomas Albert, a Perinatologist, who is a specialist for the fetus and the Mom. She had seen him several times for a specialized sonogram of the twins.

During a visit to him on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 said, “I’m concerned about Baby B's Cord Blood flow, you need to enter the hospital immediately.”


All Aboard!

When my daughter was told that she was to enter the hospital, all I could think about was, thank goodness she is prepared and that her suitcases were in the car!

This process had become a daily routine since the first of September, just in case, she had to go immediately for a hospital stay! 

Her suitcases were loaded in my trunk as we prepared to go to her doctor's visit every other day.

Yes, she was prepared!

Hospital Bound, No Escape!

Hospital protocol dictates that as soon as the doctor said, "Your staying!--you don't pass go! You get admitted!"

Monopoly Board

So we didn’t even get to have our special lunch that day, although we tried to escape!

Hospital protocol dictates that as soon as the doctor said, "Your staying!--you don't pass go!" 

You go immediately by wheelchair to the floor where you stay until your baby is born. So calls were made and family was told that she is now in the hospital.

Another Hospital Protocol and Doctor requirement, is while in the hospital, you visit your Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) daily.

So each day, either her husband or I pushed her to Dr. Well’s office to have her daily checkup. We were all anxious and waited patiently for sonogram and blood work reports and doctor suggestions.

Hospital Labor and Delivery Corridor

When my daughter first went into the hospital, she could only walk from the bed to the restroom in her room.

However, claustrophobia set in quickly!

She finally reasoned with her doctor to have hall privileges to walk to the nurses station and back once or twice a day.

It was going to be a long process, but the rewards will be unbelievable!

Standard Hospital Protocol

Of course, since my daughter is a nurse, she was aware of the procedures that was about to happen. Admitting was the standard paperwork as the nurse took vitals. Then a round of blood work was requested. She was told that Dr. Wells would be around later in the day to check on her condition. So the wait begins...


Nana and her Jenny

Exciting Family Times!

Pregnancy Monitored

From first discovering that the twins were boys to the weekly and then daily sonograms, we learned quickly that these boys have a mind of their own. In fact, Baby B had turned cross-wise or Transverse. He was ready to be born and was giving the doctor's that signal!

So the wait begins...



What do you want for each breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Now at most hospitals, you call a designated phone number and request what you would like to eat.

Since we had not had lunch, my daughter ordered lunch and I grabbed something downstairs at the cafeteria. Must admit her lunch was much better than mine!  

The wait continues...

Pet Visits

Grand Dog, Bella

Bella, our first Grand Dog!

Bella was a very special visitor for my daughter's room!

Red Hear

In fact, Texas Health Presbyterian in Plano's Hospital Protocol allows patients that are in the hospital longer than one week, to have a family pet visit. My daughter read this in the literature and of course, after a week, she wanted her dog, Bella, to come and visit.

They were both suffering. Bella had been her dog since she found her at the barn in Lubbock, Texas where my daughter was on the Texas Tech Polo Team in 2001. She was missing her terribly. So, she checked with the nursing staff and finalized all the details, her Dad bathed Bella and got a release from the vet stating that she had all her shots, and we took her to the hospital on a leash, going through the turnstile, riding up the elevator…tugging us all the way to her door.

It was amazing to see the relationship between my daughter and her dog. They hugged and Bella cried when she saw my daughter. It was worth the trouble to see their affection. Then Dr. Wells came in and Bella thanked him for taking care of her master.

As we walked Bella to the car that afternoon, who would know how our lives would dramatically change tomorrow.

You will need to gather information about the hospital and other pregnancy-related questions that you may have during this pregnancy.  

Her perinatologist was very important in the overall well-being of her children. 

When one of the twins was transverse, her perinatologist assisted in correcting this issue.   He also recommended that my daughter be admitted to the hospital early.  He felt that this was the most beneficial for the child.  

Also, if your child has a favorite pet, the hospital may allow visiting privileges. 

Check with the hospital protocol to see what option you have!

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