Grandparents and Helping Hands

Grandparents and Helping Hands:
However, Grandpa's are the Best!

Grandparents and Helping Hands are essential when babysitting twins and Grandpa's are the best!

Seeing my husband commit to such an important role in the lives of our grandsons has been so special to me and our family.

From the first time that my husband held his grandson until now, he is so helpful.  He fills the role of special grandparent!  

When we babysit, Poppi (the twins nickname for their grandfather) pitches in from taking them out of the car seats, diaper changing, holding, feeding, playing on the floor or anything that is needed for the well-being of our grandsons.

Also, he always sterilizes the bottles and other baby items (pacifiers, spoons, etc.)

Feeding my Baby

Feeding time is a very important part of the day.

My Favorite Bib! 

What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's!


Baby Babble!

My husband retired as a highly decorated naval officer and then continued his career and eventually retired as a beloved high school economics and government teacher in McKinney, Texas. He was very respected in both career fields.

Then today, to see him involved with in so many ways; however, the best is seeing my husband sitting in the floor and talking "baby babble" to our grandsons is so rewarding.

I wanted to share the video that was released last year about twin's communicating, "baby babble." Enjoy the conversation in this YouTube video of the Talking Twin Babies, part 2:

Doesn't this video just make you smile. I feel that when you are around children or in this case twins with their secretive "babble" communication, you can't help but be happy and smile.


At fourteen months, I'm beginning to hear our twin grandson's communicating like this and it makes me smile.

They each seem to know what "babble" is being said and after a few interchanges, they take a few moments to shake their heads or hold hands, as if to state, I understand.

They also reach out and touch or hit each other. My husband often adds a few comments ("blah, babble, blah") during their interchange and this is very comical! The boys usually respond back! I have noticed when I have babysit only one of the babies, then there is less "talking" and more playing.

My daughter reminds me how important it is for us to use specific words and not slang terms when talking to the boys. For ball, say "ball." For a specific food, say the word; i.e., chicken, strawberry or oatmeal. This will help them become more familiar specific words in our language.

Grandparents and Helping Hands:
Babysitting every Tuesday

Many helping hands are essential when we babysit our grandsons each week. Our daughter works each Tuesday and it is such an honor to be able to babysit the boys.

During these weeks, we have seen them change from being very dependent and only having bottle feedings to now eating solid foods and holding their own bottles! Wow! How time seems to be flying as we watch our grandchildren changing, developing and becoming more independent each time we see them!

Dad brings them to our house around 6:30 a.m. and we have them for the day. We follow the schedule that their parents have developed and try not to spoil them too much while in our care!

They come in usually smiling, even that early in the morning. Their schedule is to have a bottle at 7:30.

We have a routine that we follow and most days we are successful. We have three bottle feedings and three meals at the present time. The twins enjoy every meal and usually have two naps throughout the day.

We try to eat a quick lunch and often take a quick nap during this time too!

When Dad picks them up around 6:30 p.m., they are usually smiling, but ready to go home to Mom and Dad!

My husband, Nana, and I are ready for a rest!

Yes, the grandparents and helping hands are tired, but had a wonderful day!

Ampa and my Son

Grandparents and Helping Hands:
Multigenerational Duties

Also, assisting with the twins is my 92-year-old Mom who is living with us. She has played an important role in those "grandparent and helping hands" duties as we babysit each week. When she is visiting with my brother's and his family, we really miss her helping us babysit!

We all have our roles as grandparents and helping hands each time we babysit :

  • I maintain the food preparation and time schedule
  • Grandpa and I play with the boys, sometimes on the floor
  • We work together to get the boys ready for a nap
  • Mom or Nana as she is known to our family, is the rocker. She has a song she sings and helps us get the boys ready for a nap. She calms them with her loving and caring manner.

They love being in her lap and smile when they see her! I'll say "Where's Nana?" and both will turn to look at her and smile!  We are so lucky that she is able to be apart of this life experience.

Grandparents and Helping Hands:
She's Nana to Everyone

Multigenerational Nana Picture

Grandparents and Helping Hands continue throughout each generation!

Nana has been involved in helping with another great grandson, Noah, and she loves him so much!

I have noticed that he also smiles a lot when Nana hugs him. When they communicate, you will see them smiling, hugging and kissing! They discuss his school, playing soccer or golf, friends, or swimming! Family and love are great bonds!

Nana has 5 grandchildren and now has 3 great-grandchildren. She is really blessed and we are so blessed that she is sharing her memories, life experiences, and love with all of us! We all love her so!

"Connecting root that gives us this special
gift called life!"


Recently my Mom was in the Denton Regional Hospital, in Denton, Texas and while there she celebrated her 92nd birthday!

One morning, I emphasized how important Mom is to our family circle to one of her nurses, Chan Jackson. We then started to discuss family and how significant great-grandparents and grandparents can be in the family structure.

She had a personal quote that I asked if I could use on this site. She feels that...

...grandparents are the "Connecting root that give us this special gift called life!"

Thanks, Chan and all the staff for making our short stay a healthy and meaningful experience!

Additional helping hands are essential when you have a new baby in the house.  Grandparents can be helpful in so many ways: 

  • Sterilizes
  • Preparation of food
  • Feeds the babies
  • Changes diapers
  • Babysitting
  • Communication

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials

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