Grandparents Toy Recommendations

So what makes a good toy? 

See descriptions below!

Baby Girl with Computer and toys

Grandparents toy recommendations for other grandparents and parents!  I have only listed a few items to begin this page so you can help me introduce other toys that you would recommend!

I'm sure you have had friends or family say to you: "Oh, you have got to buy...", "Jack would really enjoy playing with..." or "if there is a sale you just can't pass up," or you may make the decision to buy an item on impulse.

I have listed below a few of the recommendations that I feel are important prior to selecting and buying a toy.

Then I have listed below items that my husband and I have found to be examples of the toys that we purchased for our grandsons. Of course there are more toys in the chest, but I will try to limit this listing to just five toys!

Grandparents Toy Recommendations:
What Is a Good Toy?

Baby Girl with Minnie Mouse

  • So what is a good toy?
  •  What makes a toy more appealing to your grandchild than another?
  • Why does he play with this toy longer than another?
  •  Why does he repeatedly play with a toy?

Below is a description of "A Good Toy" from the Fisher Price website:

  • is safe and durable.
  • is fun to use.
  • is interesting to the child.
  • stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • encourages inquisitiveness and resourcefulness.
  • is a tool for learning.
  • is challenging, yet not frustrating.
  • invites repeated use.
  • involves child interaction.
  • addresses developing needs and emerging skills.

Grandparents Toy Recommendations:
My Suggestions to You

Riding Toys

Grandparents toy recommendations are often made to our friends or other family members.Then, these same family and friends will often return the favor and make recommendations. Has their advice always worked out? Have you made the right selection for your grandchild?

Some of the recommendations that I would suggest when deciding on toys for your grandchildren are as follows:  

1) Are the toys age appropriate? I always check to see if the toy has an age designation on the package. You don't want to buy a toy that has many small pieces for a toddler who constantly puts everything in his mouth. Please check this designation prior to purchasing any gift item.

2) Have you bought too many things? Remember that you don't have to give your grandchild an excessive amount of toys for their love and affection. Also, at a very young age, they usually would rather play with the box that the toy was in than the actual toy itself. If the parents stress only buy a couple of toys, then respect their wishes.

All too often, we buy toys that our grandchildren don't need!

Focus on putting that money either in a savings account for college or directed toward an activity later in the year. Examples of these activities could be:

  • a special event while on vacation, i.e. playing with the dolphins, snorkeling or skiing lessons
  • after school activity, i.e., soccer or dance uniform
  • or during the summer months a sports program, or week long summer camp.

Grandparents Toys Recommendations:
Additional Suggestions

3) Are the toys dangerous? Safety is the key word when buying toys! Don't buy things that could cause injury to your grandchild. Always confer with the parents prior to buying items that reflect the parents values: i.e., toy guns or swords to makeup and dolls.

4) Type of toy? The parent may have reservation about the purchase of electronics at an early age when they are wanting to have toys that encourage the child to be creative and have active playing instead of sitting in front of a television!

Happy Pregnant Couple

5) Also, don't outshine the parent's purchases! This is a special time for the parents and always discuss with the parent any large purchases that you are considering prior to buying the toy. What you may think is wonderful may not fit in their criteria. Also, you don't want to outshine a parent's purchase. For instance, you don't want to buy a motorize jeep for them to ride down the street when the parent's had bought a motorized jeep for them to control by hand. Probably would not be a good thing!   Communicate with the parents to see what is best for you to buy!

Matchbox Monster Toy

6) Don't Duplicate!  We have tried not to duplicate our toys, books, or videos that are found at our grandson's home. That way we can ensure that the boys will enjoy our toys and not become dis-interested when visiting our home!

I hope you will enjoy the items that are listed on Favorite Toy Purchases page. 

I have identified the toys that we have purchased and the boys enjoyed playing with in our home.  I  have made pictures of each toy listing the manufacturers and description of each. 

I hope you will enjoy this beginning list and add to our recommended toy listing.

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

From Grandparents Toy Recommendations to Favorite Toy Purchases

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