Grandparents Taking Infant Photos

Grandparents taking infant photos is so important when capturing the memories of the first year of life!

You will find whether you have the newest and best camera on the market or just a camera that you have had for years, or use your new iphone, you will capture those precious memories that you want to share with your family and friends!

Examples of Grandparents Taking Infant Photos

Great-grandmother and great grandson's hands

I'm in Love

Grandparents at first home visit with granddaughter
Grandmother seeing grandson for first time

A son is also in Love

Great Grandmother and Great Grandson

Remember, grandparents taking infant photos are memories you can share later in life with your grandchildren!

Also, enjoy the exciting times in life. Our daughter just Face Timed me so I could see the boys eating chocolate pudding for the first time.

Yes, I got to be a part of another "FIRST" in the lives of our twins, because of the iPhone. Oh, pudding was everywhere....., but the twins were enjoying it so much! This technology is wonderful to keep your family and friends aware of those great moments!

So take those special shots and save them to your computer desktop, a dedicated hard drive for photos or to a program for photo storage such as Picasa 3.9.

Grandparents Taking Infant Photos:
School assignments

I have a videotape that my son made with his Nana in fourth grade. The assignment was to interview someone special in their life and ask a series of questions about how life had changed since they were his age. He choose my Mom and we made a 2 hour trip to visit with her to get her input on his assignment.

We recently moved and in a box of videotapes, my husband found the tape. It is so special to find these captured memories that were made nearly 20 years ago! Seeing my son and Mom interacting, laughing, and now listening to the answers about her life are invaluable to me! At 91, her memory is failing and many of those questions could never be answered now.

The technology of today makes it so much easier to capture video and share on YouTube or other Social Media. Keep copies safe and transfer to new technology so you will be able to retrieve in later years!

Grandparents Taking Infant Photos:
Special Time Recaptured

A treasure you can also have is if grandparents taking infant photos each time you are with the infants. Capture those special moments when they are learning to walk, or talk, or just playing with you!

Taking Family Pictures
Retaking Same Family Picture Years Later

One of my treasured moments is when I gave all the grandkids a frame holding  pictures that we had taken at different times in their lives. 

Yes, the first shot above, was taken when the youngest grandchild was just a year old.  It was Thanksgiving and all the family were home to celebrate the holiday.  

Then 20 years later, I retook this shot again during Thanksgiving 2002.  We scrambled the seating arrangement, but it was great to have all the grandkids together again with their grandparents. As you can notice, the kitchen had been updated, but in front of the cabinet still was the place to be!

This was the last family picture we took before my Dad passed away in January, 2003.  This was a very difficult time for all the family and a time for much reflection in ones life, but we were so thankful for the times together!


Then for the next Christmas, I knew what I was going to do for a tribute for my Dad.  Yes, I had copies made of all the pictures, then framed them so the pictures would always be side by side. 

I had all the grandkids and Nana open their boxes together and as you can imagine, their wasn't a dry eye to be found. 

Even today as I visit the the grandkids houses and as you see above, this picture still sits in a prominent place in all our homes.   Yes, it is a remembrance of the wonderful time our families had with Nana and Ampa!


As we all know, grandparents taking infant photos and capturing those early photo opportunities are so very important!

However, it is also important to continue taking pictures of those special times together.

Nanas Scrapbook

Surprise, Nana!

Pictures like this one and others were combined to make a 75-plus page scrapbook for my Mom's (Nana) 90th birthday surprise party.  

The great family shots of the grand kids at such a young age and then now as adults.  I requested that each family member take 2 scrapbook pages and added photos, quotes, remembrances, and bling.   Bling is jewels, fabric, ribbon, and other mementos.

Grandparents Taking Infant Photos:
What am I doing Wrong?

Asked to "help," grandparents taking infant photos isn't always the wisest decision!

I immediately noticed that I really was having some issues with pictures: blurry, too far away or too close, boys were positioned wrong, or eyes were closed. Lighting was really an issue--either too dark or too light!

Then my daughter and son-in-law decided that they would find a professional photographer to take their babies pictures. Her friend had used a lady that had captured some great shots of her son who was almost a year old. An appointment was made for a professional portrait to be made of my tiny grandsons.

They asked me to go and "assist" with the shoot in McKinney, Texas, of the twin boys in early December. Don't laugh; I was there to help hold the babies and change clothes! The boys weren't quiet 3 months old and slept most of the time. So we were all hopeful that these pictures would be a positive experience.

A Professional Taking Infant Photos


The shoot was on the second floor of the photographers home where she had a spacious family room set up as a photography studio.

With a west facing window providing oodles of morning sunlight, I felt we were going to have great success.

The key to taking infant photos and having excellent results, she told us, was this proper natural lighting. She used various heaters throughout the room so it was toasty warm for the boys as they arrived for their appointment.

I also noticed how quiet her home was with soft music playing in the background. She was so natural with the boys, so gentle to the touch while she positioned them for each camera shot.

Floral wagon

She had various baskets, bowls, drapes, and buckets to use in the pictures. She also allowed the customer to bring various animals and changes of clothes for several poses. Of course, we requested a "naked" shot which I know will be appreciated in later years! Towards the end, the parents were included in various holding positions with the boys. This was a successful photo day and I know we will all enjoy the finished products! I'm hoping one of the pictures will be a Christmas gift to be hung in our home!

Another Professional Shoot...

Quilt-of-Many-colors for photo shoot

Well, this time, my grandsons are a little older (10 months old), more active and more animated for their second professional photographs! So when I again accompanied my children and the twins to another professional shoot, I was certainly prepared as a grandparent taking infant pictures.

Again, my role was to help carry the clothes, food, and push the stroller when needed!   As the grandparent taking infant shots, I did try to capture a few shots with my camera, but none worked! It seems that the automatic feature was turned off and I didn't notice since I was trying to get the twins attention by making noises and holding up various toys! My talents have just not been discovered!

July in Texas and it is already hot by 9:00! We met at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas by 8:30 to take a professional shot of the family! Megan of Megan Lena Photography was there to find the best site for the outside shot. She wanted shade so she could spread her antique quilts on the ground and use other props for the twins. Only issue which we didn't know, TWU waters the grass and shrubs early on Thursday mornings and the grounds were wet! Oh, well, there were two places where Megan found great sites to shoot with her beautiful quilts, different outfits and unique hats. I noticed that to get the upclose shots of the boys, she would lay flat on the wet ground! Grandparents taking infant photos needs to take lessons!

Unlike the first professional shot, there was limited breeze and the temperature was gradually rising by 9:00. So by 9:45, we all decided it was time to move the boys inside to the beautiful TWU Library. Not only an outstanding Library, but very, very cool! Megan was able to find a location near a window on an upper floor with great light and spread out the boy's quilts. Can't wait to see the finished photos!

Today's Technology

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

I hope that you will find yourself as Grandparents taking infant photos. You will be excited about your accomplishments and thankful you were at the right place at the right time!

Happy shooting!

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