Grandparents Personal Safety

Grandparents personal safety should of major concern and you should be aware of your surroundings at all times!

Messy Closet

As I can attest to a silly accident this past week, let me caution you to always be careful!

Whether you are holding your grandchild, driving a car or while doing home cleaning, take the utmost care and not trip or fall causing you or your grandchild bodily harm.

What I was doing can be described as a Spring Cleaning in the Fall, shifting boxes, and cleaning closets.

Yes, I was doing my best to clean up an area that I had been planning to clean for almost a year, when my accident happened!

                           I'm not a hoarder....

My Mom was visiting my brother and his family for a few days and I had made plans to clean the house, clean out closets, hang up new shelving, etc.  Yes, that is what I was doing this past week!

Cleaning out closets and storing items in the attic was the first item on my agenda. 

I'm not a hoarder as you see on television, but I am a true "keeper" of items....old and new, usually only of interest to me.

Let me describe myself to you:

  • I'm a quilter....or a piecer. I love to collect fabric from places I have traveled or pick up beautiful fabric at the local quilt store. Before I was laid off, I visited the quilt store often. I have quilted several wall hangings and display these on my walls at home. Also, I probably have enough fabric to complete three or more quilts. I have many sewing machines, tools and boards that are required when you sew. All these take up space.
Quilt of many fabrics
Fabric Quilt

  • I'm a scrapbooker and have hundreds of sheets of paper, notebooks, buttons, letters, labels, etc. to begin a scrapbook at any time. I have equipment for cutting dies, cutters, rulers, etc. In fact, I have made scrapbooks for my Mom's 90th birthday and a shared trip and Red Hat memory book, two for my son (senior year scrapbook representing his experiences at Texas A&M and a baby book), a baby book for my daughter, and have enough to finish her Texas Tech scrapbook when I get it started! I also have other items necessary to start the twins' scrapbooks.....just need to find the time!
Nana's 90th Birthday Scrapbook
Nana's 75+page scrapbook

Nana's over 75+ page scrapbook celebrating her 90th birthday!

  • I'm a painter! I threw out my dried out paints when we moved to our new house.
  • However, now I primarily only have brushes and canvases ready to paint when I have the time. 
  • I haven't painted since we moved, but hope to again one day soon grab a brush and begin painting either furniture, canvas, or wood cutouts!  
  •  So I need to organize all these supplies.

So Why I Was in the Attic?

As you can see, with all of these diverse hobbies, I need to take time to separate and organize. I hope to finish this project soon!   However, if I stay focused, I feel it will probably take about a week to finish all these projects! 

And that is why, if you can imagine, why I was cleaning out a closet. I want to organize my huge closet into a more manageable area so I will be easy to find like items in the scrapbooking area.

Yes, you probably think I have been watching too much HGTV and I probably have, but it is really important to me to get that area cleaned up!

Thus my being in the closet and attic last Saturday! I was tossing items in the giveaway pile, the trash pile and then in specific plastic bins for storage.

After filling a couple of boxes for the attic storage, I closed and took them to the attic where I have to step down and then walk it to another area of the attic.

Grandparents Personal Safety: Attic Adventure

After I feel through the Ceiling
Ceiling view after I fell through the attic

Before I knew it, as I was carrying the second box, I was flat on the floor! My foot had gone through the ceiling above.

What a funny feeling! Yes, the photo above is an actual shot of the hole in the study where my foot and up past my knee had gone through the attic ceiling!

After this, I moaned and groaned and called out my husband's name who was downstairs. I was about to get up, when he appeared. My "knight and shining armor!" He has taken good care of me this week.

Denton Regional Hospital sign

Grandparents Personal Safety: Emergency Room

Grandparents Personal Safety was definitely on my mind after the fall. My husband insisted that I go to the Emergency Room to check out the knee. When the staff decided there wasn't a break and explained that I would probably have just swelling and bruising for at least a week or two. Treatment recommendation was to stay off the leg for at least a week, keep it wrapped with an ace bandage, iced and elevated as much as possible.

Then on Monday, my husband insisted that our family doctor check my knee. I was having bruising and swelling, but was still able to walk. With my history of phlebitis, he recommended an X-ray and sonogram which both were negative. I was to follow with the wrap, ice and heat, and elevation. He told me that the bruising would soon change to a greenish coloration and would travel down the leg!

It is always better to be safe than sorry later!

I have been very careful and now trying to recuperate as soon as possible!

So, with Grandparents Personal Safety in mind, let me encourage you to be careful and watch where you are walking, sitting or standing!

For the first time, due to my injury, we were unable to babysit our grandsons this past Tuesday. Also, since that day, I have now started to work on my site again.

Yes, Grandparents personal safety should be on our minds whether we are babysitting or just cleaning out closets!

Grandparents Personal Safety: Update

Walking Woman with Cane

It will soon be 6 months since I fell through the attic. I'm so thankful that my knee wasn't injured, but I do have a hematoma on the inside of my knee.

This is a blood accumulation that has collected in the muscles surrounding the inside of my right knee. After more tests (MRI, Sonograms, and X-rays) and seeing a specialist, I'm to continue taking medication and using moist heat on the area.

I'm not in constant pain, just a continuous worry of when this will finally subside and my leg will be back to normal!

All I can suggest is that you be careful no matter

what your age and don't fall!

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

From Grandparents Personal Safety to Joy in Grandparents Heart

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