Grandparenting Roles

Grandparenting Roles make you realize that whatever you are doing, it is not only for your own children, but for the unborn child or in our case, twins--yes multiple births, that is being carried!

As you begin to take on the role as Grandmother and Grandfather, you will realize that it is a major undertaking!

Shower Decorations

Of course, you will offer your love and devotion to the child, you can also be a friend, a teacher or mentor, someone who will always be there....

...throughout their life and now their biggest cheerleader and  that you will always listen.  I have found that just listening and often shaking my head in agreement (whether I do agree or not) can be a soothing emotional guarantee of acceptance for the expectant Mom.  Remember, this is often all uncharted territory for all of you!

Buying diapers at store

If you live close enough to your children, your Grandparenting Roles will be a unique opportunity to share in most of the pregnancy experience. So you find yourself offering more assistance to the couple in many ways, for example:

  • Driving expectant Mom to the OB/GYN appointments
  • Cook more often and always have enough for your children to take leftovers home for work or lunch the next day
  • Help with light housekeeping
  • Run errands for the couple
  • Buying Diapers 8 months early!

Oh, and when your car decides to stop at the nearest baby store, you "ooh and ah" over so many cute outfits.

You want to buy one of each, but you don't even know the sex of your future grandchild!

I laughingly asked myself, "What is happening to you?"

Then I smiled and I knew...."I'm going to be a Grandmother!"

Baby Clothes

It is truly a "Grandmother's Role" to find those special outfits or "Grandpa's Role" to find the toys that you know your grandchild will enjoy!  Isn't it?

Being helpful during this time...


Other helping "helpful duties" that you as their parents may offer include:

  • Light cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Weekly shopping and preparing a few meals for the freezer
  • Looking after a pet for a few days
  • Help install childproofing items throughout the nursery and home  
  • Help install shelving
  • Finishing up those DIY (do it yourself) tasks (hang a picture, empty box of books, or sort and hang up baby clothes in the closet) that were started and never finished in the nursery or other parts of the house

As you look around their home, there will be things that you can do! Just offer, I'm sure that they will gladly accept all help.

So what Grandparenting Roles have you been able to volunteer for to assist your children during this wonderful time in life?  

Let me suggest one of the following or any others on this page:

  • Driving expectant Mom to OB/GYN appointments
  • Install childproofing throughout their house and yours
  • Finishing up those DIY (do it yourself) tasks at their home: complete nursery projects, cook meals, buy items for the baby to wear, etc.

Homebound Baby


Now the baby is a Homebound Baby, so what support are you going to offer the new parents? Are you there when the baby arrives home? Or do the parents want to have a "Babymoon" period before you arrive. 

In the picture above, this is my husband and I taking my daughter home from the hospital.  Yes, she was our own little "Homebound Baby" in 1981. 

If you live close, you can probably just drop by to see your grandbaby, but always call first and remember to bring food for the new parents. This is just one less thing that they have to worry about while adjusting to their new family.

Other suggestions for the Homebound Baby are linked to this page.

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials

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