Grandparent Support

Grandparent support is needed during difficult times. As you may know, not every child is born healthy. Medical issues may develop before, during and after the delivery. So be prepared!

If you are willing and able to offer your support during this difficult time, your children will be so appreciative.

Yawning Baby

Beyond grandparent support, other family members and friends can also be helpful to the new parents as they cope with multiple births, preemies or a baby that has various medical issues at birth or a family of a healthy baby that suddenly becomes very ill. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends.  Also, use social media (Face Book, Twitter, and email) to get the word out to all your contacts. 

I've created a medical guide from the experiences that we have had during this eighteen month journey. I hope that this information will be invaluable to you and others as you struggle with baby healthy issues.

Grandparent Support:
Healthy one minute...

For instance, I was talking to a Mom today at the car dealership and she mentioned that her child was completely healthy at birth, but then a few days after going home, he became violently ill. She told me that she was so frightened!

Sick Baby

He was rushed from the pediatricians office to a local Children's hospital where and treatment lasted over seven days.

Sick baby boy

As she continued with the story, she was so thankful for a new medical treatment that helped her year old son get well.

She was also thankful that her mother lived in the area and was such a support system for her and her husband. His Grandmother also donated blood for her grandson.

I hope that she will add additional information in the Baby Medical Issues Guide. This will only increase our awareness of various illnesses that our grandchildren may face.

My best friends first cousin's grandson is very ill with cancer. He is eight years old and recently has undergone a thirteen hour surgery where they removed tumors in his vital organs at Children's Hospital in Houston.   He continues to undergo treatment and he has been sick for almost a year now. 

So many children face various illnesses each thankful when your grandchild is born healthy!

Grandparents support is essential when young parents are facing such emotional and scary times.

Mom and Son

No matter what the age of your grandchild, newborn or until the age of 18, we all are interested in their health!

I will share your responses with all our readers of our Baby Medical Issues Guide.

We are never prepared for health-related issues, especially when it involves your precious grandchildren!

As I have compiled the Baby Medical Issues Guide, I've realized that as grandparents, we have been supportive of our children in many different ways.

Grandparents are often called on to babysit, to drive to a specialists office or just be there for moral support while waiting on the results of a medical report; i.e., sonogram or Cat Scan.

My husband will often babysits a grandchild, while I assist Mom with the other twin when going to a doctor or specialist visit or to a clinic for a test or treatment.

See below for a variety of roles that we can help with when just called upon:

Grandmother and M

Grandmother's love is shown during a walk to the park to give his parents time to discuss "what's the next procedure?"

Great-grandmother reading

Great Grandmother's Love of Reading a story so all can focus on the baby!

Grandfather and Me

Great-Grandfather's love for his preemie granddaughter is shown as comforts her while her parents are discussing treatment with the pediatrician.

Grandfather's always a mentor, teacher and important babysitter while parents await results of a test!

As grandparents, please share the Baby Medical Issues Guide  information with others.   You will begin quickly to understand the variety of roles that we all share as grandparents!   


Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

If your grandchild has experienced a major issue, please share below the type of illness and what treatment was available.

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