Couples Baby Shower

A Couples Baby Shower has changed in recent years. When my children were born, showers were given for the Mom-to-Be by friends and family.

Expectant Father would come to the shower after the event when most of the guests had left to help carry the gifts home to the nursery.

Expectant Fathers should be involved in the Shower too!


Coed or Couples showers are the exception today. Often the men attend and participate in the showers by opening gifts, playing games, and of course, eating. Also, men help with writing the "Thank You" notes later!

The couple go to the baby box stores and unique boutiques and complete a registry early in the pregnancy. Fathers have become a very important part of the shower process. They may have also have shower at work or you can invite his office friends to the couples shower. See suggestions for this new trend below.


My daughter's best friend offered to give her the Couples Baby Shower. However, during the next few months, she was transferred to another assignment over 10 hours away.

Of course, this was disappointing for both of them, but another friend jumped in along with my best friend, Nancy and a day was set for planning the big event! With about two months to plan, we felt we could get it done!

Register for Baby Gifts


Before this initial shower meeting, Mom and Dad usually go to the Baby Stores in the area or online and complete a registry of items that they will need for the baby. This is similar to a wedding registry except it is for babies.

They often go to more than one of these stores since both stores are not located in different states. These stores often have a variety of different items at each store.

I accompanied them one day and the scanner was busy in every aisle. Fun, fun, fun!

Theme of the Shower

Sail Boat

They also decided on the theme of the nursery and party. Since her father was career Navy, she thought that a nautical theme would be cute for the nursery. So I began scouring flea markets, second-hand, and consignment stores to locate items that we could use for the event and eventually, be used in the nursery.

Then one day, I looked in my husband's office and realized that the anchors, ships wheels, flags, were all available at no extra charge! These were all reminders of his Navy military days. I did make a banner from nautical letters to form their last name.


Nautical items used in the twin's Nursery!

Nautical-Nets and Ropes

Preparation for the Baby Shower

Of course, the Couples Baby Shower team decided who would take care of each project:

  • Invitations (create, order, address and mail); gather responses
  • Food preparation
  • decide on games that would played during party
  • Decided on cupcake flavors and order; pickup instructions
  • Other items to consider: Balloons, treats, and giveaways
  • Used mints in a bowl for little anchors
  • Use disposable plates and cultry or glass plates?
  • Floral arrangements?
  • Hostess gift or individual gifts?
  • Decorate a few hours before the event
  • Rest and enjoy the event
  • Help couple load up presents
  • Cleanup after event

Beautiful Table!

Food for Shower


Lifesaver and Anchor were used as the primary design theme for the Couples Baby Shower!

Sailboats throughout the Nursery!

Couples Baby Shower--Get the men involved in the games! Their competitive spirit really makes it fun! Have fun and laugh at this YouTube video of men playing a baby shower game!

Other Decisions on Preparing for the Couples Baby Shower

  • Theme of the Party; involve Mom with this decision
  • Flowers for various tables throughout the house. Offer a corsage for the Mom (she might refuse or be allergic)
  • Ask Mom to share a few twin Sonogram pictures in frames
  • Ask for pictures of the Mom and Dad as babies for display on the gift table
  • Have a framed invitation with large mat where the guests could leave a message
  • If you need additional chairs or tables, please consider borrowing or renting them
Shower Decorations
  • Baby theme main parts of the house from: Entry--wreath that shares a baby theme, Yard or Mail Box markers that a shower is happening!, display areas for food: dining room, kitchen, island, and bar areas
  • Have a large round table for gifts where the guests register
  • Use the largest room so the gifts can be opened and the most participation in the games
  • Appoint a photographer for the event. Don't want to miss all those wonderful shots of the couple, family and friends!

Most importantly, REST and RELAX the day before the event, you will need it! ENJOY!

Hosting a Baby Shower?

Let me suggest that you visit Celebration Ideas Online for great ideas on hosting a baby shower, invitations, and favors and decorations for the big day!  

Also, if you have any questions about the hosting an increasingly popular Grandma Shower, check out that site. 


If planning a Couples Baby Shower, consider the following:

Food for the Event

Decorations for the Shower

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