Consignment Garage Sales

People at Consignment Sale

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents provide places to locate inexpensive baby items that are always needed either at the parents house or in the grandparents home!   I have found many Grandparent-Essentials items each time I go to these sales. 

At one of the bi-annual sales, my daughter and I have purchased many clothes, toys, books, and those necessary items (everyone will need as a first time parent and grandparent), considered almost new or gently used and very reasonably priced!  

These Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents or parents depend on the volunteers that help with sorting, tagging, and organizing the event.  Volunteers also run the cash registers and return items back to the shelves and racks after customers have sorted their purchases. 

It is suggested that you help volunteer at these sells.   You would be allowed to purchase early and of course, find the best buys at the sell!   Please consider volunteering at the next consignment sale in your area.

Consignment Garage Sales:
Hints Before you Go

Ok, since I have attended several of these great sales, let me give you a couple of hints!

Sleep-deprived parents resting prior to taking the wagon and going to the local Consignment Garage Sale!

  • Get a good nights sleep or take a nap prior to going to the event
  • Eat meal prior to going to event
  • Bring water or a snack in your purse
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes
  • Take a wagon, cart or mobile hanging clothes rack to the event
  • Check, cash, credit cards (not all allowed)
  • Be patient
  • Go to the area that you are most interested in first (clothes, new baby required items, toys, books, puzzles, over-sized toys)
  • Check Internet pricing prior to buying
  • If you find an item, take it, then after you have finished selecting the items you can sort.   
  • Help manage the areas, by returning the items to the  designated areas

Consignment Garage Sales:
First Time Attendees

Consignment Garage Sales may offer various times that you can attend. 

As a first time attendee, you may be able to attend the session on the Saturday night prior to to the day of the event!   These hours were from 7:00-9:00.  It is usually for first time Mom's in a less-stressful atmosphere. 

Of course, I suggest you get there early because the line, as you can see, will be long!  Yes, the line can be out the door and down the block, so get to the event early!

Be sure to check out the time schedule for the event. 

If you have a chance to attend a local consignment sales, please don't hesitate!   You will find excellent buys! 

Push Toy

Just yesterday, we attended a fast-paced, eagerly awaited 3-day sale Divine Consign for Children and Maternity located in Plano and Grapevine, Texas each year.  There are other consignment garage stores for grandparents in the area.   I would suggest that you check them out to see what is offered!   I also check to see if they make any contributions to local charities prior to making any purchases. 

Our experience is to get to the location an hour or hour and half early, then pay an early admittance fee of $2.00 for each person that is given to a local charity (Make a Wish Foundation), and then strategize what is needed and wait for the doors to open!  As soon as we are admitted, there is a mad dash!

It is usually a great time of rushing around to locate that great item that you didn't know you really needed!   Remember the best advice someone gave us the first event, "don't pass it by, if you think you want something, get it--because it will be gone when you come back!"

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents:
  So What Did you Buy?

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents usually offer gently-used children's and maternity clothing, toys, books, games and equipment at fantastic prices.  There are three ways to be involved - shopping, consigning and volunteering.  

I have a friend that volunteers each sale and she has really encouraged my daughter and I to volunteer since you are able to go into the sale early before the general public arrives and get the greatest bargains!   We hope to volunteer in the future!

So what did I purchase?   Yes, I did go with the intent of not buying anything....just helping my daughter!   Yet, I couldn't refuse the following items listed below because the prices were great!

Matchbox Stinky Garage Truck

Matchbox Stinky the Garage Truck

I found this toy on Amazon today for $74.95 and I paid $8.00 for it yesterday at the sale.   Still works great and the sound is amazing!

Great Find!

Toys are a key item for sale.  You will find tables separated by girl and boy items.  Then there is usually an area that both sexes would enjoy!   Great prices are usually on these items.  Check it out!

So excited to find a reasonable workbench with all the tools included for the twins for only $24.00!  The item is in great condition and has no missing parts!

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents:
  Books, CD's and DVD's

Consignment Sale Box of books

At the Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents door, you will see a map to the various locations. 

Yesterday, I decided to go to the book section which had a variety of children's books, books on pregnancy and how to books align an entire area of the convention center. 

Great place to locate board books, pop-up books, and creative books all in one place!  Of course, these books are very affordable with prices beginning at $1.00!

Children's CD's from Consignment Sale
Children's Videos from Consignment Sale

Also, yesterday, I decided to check out the section on music and movies.  I found CD's with various music from baby lullaby's, dancing music, animal songs, and bath-time musical melodies.  For less than $12, I purchased 7 CD's.  I tried to play these CD's recently and found most had scratches and wouldn't play on my player.  Ugh!

Another purchase included 7 DVD's which are primarily the "Dino-riffic collection of Barney" which has titles including info on imagination, musical scrapbook, going to the farm and zoo, rhyming words and learning ABC's.   What fun the boys will have when we put on one of these short DVD's.   Also, purchased a recommended DVD on Thomas the the Magic Railroad for $3.00.   Grand total for all 7 videos was less than $20 for hours of magical fun!

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents:
Other Purchases

Back Pack purchased at Consignment Sale
Children's Slide purchased at Consignment Sale
Baby-bag purchased at Consignment Sale
Fort purchased from neighborhood parent

Other purchases at the local consignment sales for grandparents included high chairs, back packs, slides, baby bags, playhouses and play kitchens from Little Tykes, etc. 

Of course, you can tell the first three pictures were made from merchandise my daughter purchased yesterday.   Yes, very economical purchases! 

The fort could also be purchased at the Consignment Sales for Grandparents, but these items usually sell very quickly.  So if you are interested in a playhouse, a fort or a kitchen, then you need to go to that area immediately to see if any are available.   You might also find these listed on Craig's List or local Multiple's organization. 

Consignment Garage Sales for Grandparents:
You won't Believe!


Yesterday, I rushed to a community-wide garage sale in my daughter's neighborhood!   Yes, arrive early so you can get the best buys!

All I can suggest to you is that you don't pass up these great multiple-home sells where there are bargains galore.  

Usually, these garage sales are one day events that involve the entire family.  I met several kids and parents working side-by-side selling their stuff or questioning "Mom, why are we selling this?"  I had to laugh when I repeatedly heard this question!

Above, are a few of the items I purchased for the grandkids.   Yes, for less than $30, I purchased all these items!  

Wow, I was excited about my own purchases too!  Found a frame for a hammock for $5 never been opened and it is valued at $179 on the Internet. 


A few years back, pot-racks were very popular when renovating or building new kitchens.  I bought this very heavy iron pot-rack for only $10!   I probably won't use it in the kitchen, but re-purpose it in my craft room. 

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials 

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