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Baby Stages offers information on the developmental stages of your grandbaby from birth until....

As we all know, all babies develop at a different rate. I will give you basic information on what baby stages are expected of a full-term developing baby throughout the months.

At Birth

In our situation, our grandson's were going to be 6 weeks early.  Yes, they were born on September 16th instead of the Halloween due date. Yes, they would be considered premature. 

Preemies are usually delayed and the pediatrician will decide the time delay for each child.  Our grandsons were born early, had a low birth weight and were high risk.   Yes, they would be considered NICU babies and that would be where we first saw them!

Upon entering the NICU pod, we found our beautiful Grandbabies asleep. Coming into this world had been a traumatic experience. Oh, how tiny our grandbabies were!  One weighed 4 lbs 4 oz and the other was 3 lbs 10 oz.

As discussed in NICU Instructions, there are basic guidelines that must be met before any child can leave the unit. Doctors and nurses work to help your grandchildren meet these milestones and as we have learned, children are never predictable. Every child is unique and adorable!

Our Grandchildren's NICU Stay

NICU Incubator

Baby Stages at birth often are determined by weight.

Do you realize how small 3 and 4 pound babies are? I learned at the birth of my twin grandsons just how small and fragile premature babies can be. So tiny, yet so perfect!

Baby A began with him being positioned on the right pod, weighing 4.4 lbs. and all his vitals were on a board by his bed. (Remember, take a picture!)

Baby B was located in the left pod, weighing 3.10 lbs. and his vitals listed too. (Get a picture!) He had been the baby that all the specialists were concerned about. His Cord Blood flow continued to be an issue until he was born.

Baby A was always considered the healthiest of the babies before and after birth. He only lost .3 lbs. while in NICU and was able to go home only after 3 weeks (21 days) on October 7th!

Baby Stages of development began the day the boys were born!

One at home, one still in the hospital....

NICU Holding

Once Baby A was at home, my husband and I tried to make sure that we visited Baby B almost daily. My daughter was told that she must rest and bond with her baby at home. Dad visited when possible. This was very difficult for all the family to leave one child at the hospital and have the other at home!

Our first babysitting duty came within a few days after Baby A came home. We were allowed to babysit Baby A while my daughter and her husband went to the hospital to visit his brother. What special times these were to get to know our new Grandson! During these baby stages, he had the most beautiful smile, blueish-brown eyes, and loved to wiggle! His hair still hadn't grown in. He loved to sleep and loved to eat even more.

Having a baby in the hospital and one at home is very stressful for the parents. If Grandparents can do anything to assist or be in a supporting role during this time, please remember to offer. Usually cooking food, keeping the pantry stocked, and washing clothes are helpful. By this time, the parents are sleep deprived and will appreciate all help!

This is a bonding time for the new family called Babymoon, when the parents and their new baby discover each other.

As predetermined, Baby B had more health issues. Like most preemies, Baby B had heart issues called “Bradying” or bradycardia which means he has a slower than normal heart rhythm. Once his heart rate falls below 100 beats per minute, a loud buzzer will go off in the pod. This condition was constantly monitored by the NICU nurses and specialists throughout his stay.

Baby James

His weight loss went down to 3.1 lbs. and thus extended his NICU stay. Then he began to gain weight, passed all the necessary and required tests (hearing, sitting in the car seat and also not Brayding for five days.) Then on Wednesday, October 26th after 5 weeks and 4 days (39 days), he was allowed to go home and be with his brother and parents! He is a true fighter and struggled through every health issues.

Now time for the parents to have time "Babymooning" with both babies! Dad was able to stay home with both babies for two weeks. Mom was able to focus on nursing, loving her babies and adapting a schedule that would work for all. We, their Grandparents, of course, tried not to hover, but were available whenever we were needed.

What a blessing to have both of the boys home and both home before their original due date, Halloween!

Baby and NICU Stay

NICU breathe of  Life

Staying in the NICU can result in many conditions.  Please find several of these conditions listed below:

  • Baby Stages at birth often are determined by weight.
  • Baby Stages of development began the day the boys were born!
  • Grandparents supporting role
  • Bonding time with your husband prior to the arrival of your baby is often referred to as pre-baby vacay or Babymoon, when the parents and their new baby discover each other.


NICU Awareness

NICU Experiences

"Bradying” or bradycardia



NICU babies

NICU Experiences

NICU Instructions




Daddy holding Newborn

Daddy holding newborn

Family Hands Intertwined!

Great Grandmother and great grandson's hands

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