Baby Food Discussion

Baby food discussion happens almost as soon as your grandbaby arrives home.

What am I saying, the mother was probably scrutinized many times, probably by friends and family before the baby arrived. The question....Are you going to breast feed?

Of course, that is a personal choice by the couple, but as most medical specialists or physicians will suggest to Mom and Dad, that it is best to breast feed your child.

In fact, lactation consultants and other specialists are available to Mom's after giving birth. Or if they have questions prior to birth, they can set up an appointment to discuss lactation.

Of course, there are many items that must be purchased for the breast feeding Mom. Also, if the Mom can't actually breast feed, a pump can be leased during this process to allow for the collection of breast milk.

If you have a premature baby, you may not be able to nurse right away, but you should start pumping your milk. Your baby will receive this milk through a tube or a bottle until she's strong enough to nurse.

When your soon-to-be-children attend Birthing Classes, this is also discussed.

Remember, that what we were taught when our children were babies, of course, isn't the norm now.

Can you remember giving food to your baby from 6 to 8 weeks of age? I remember feeding my baby in the bouncy chair, not a high chair as you find today.

Well, of course, now the medical experts and other specialists agree that the child's stomach and intestines probably aren't developed enough for simple foods. So now pediatricians suggest that babies from 4 to 6 months are introduced to these foods, i.e., cereal. Preemies may be delayed even later. Also, breast feeding Mom's may be encouraged to continue until 12 months.

The first time that I can remember when my daughter breast fed, was the day her twin sons were born. Yes, within an hour of giving birth to her twins, she was having her babies nuzzle at the breast. This will produce small amounts of colostrum, a special milk that will help protect your baby from infection. Remember, your baby's tummy is very tiny at birth, so he only needs these small amounts to fill up. As his tummy grows, the milk will change and she produces more of it. 

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