Baby Boomer Health Trends

Baby Boomer health trends are a concern as we all enter this phase of life.    Since within the next 17 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 each day which will definitely put a strain on the American Health Care System. 

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Of course, when most of the baby boomers wake up in the morning, all of us experience aches and pains, or soreness throughout our limbs and bodies.  

If you have been an athlete throughout your life,  you may have more soreness than the typical boomer who occasionally works out.  Many of us will need to have those painful joints, ligaments and muscles repaired so we can continue to lead a healthy, productive life. 

Many of us have issues with anxiety and depression that require medication and therapy that will continue as we age.


According to research and recent literature that I have just read, there are many health issues that we all should be concerned with as we go forward.  

A 2011 study on "10 Health Issues Plaguing Boomers" by Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell from MainST and health professionals from Yale New Haven Health System found the following issues and what the annual cost would be for each illness.  Please remember that the cost of these health issues continue to escalate each year. 

The discussion will include the following Baby Boomer Health Trends or issues:


Type 2 Diabetes

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


Eye problems

Alzheimer's Disease--Dementia (memory issues)

Cardiovascular Disease

Joint Replacement


Arthritis and osteoporosis

Baby Boomer Health Trends

Diabetes Equipment
Diabetes Equipment

Type 2 Diabetes is a continual battle for boomers.   This disease can cause many medical issues including heart disease, eye problems, kidney disease and amputation.  Above are 4 of the devices you have to choose from for blood testing.

Estimated average treatment cost per person: $4687 for foot problems, $9002 for kidney disease and $14,150 for a heart attack.

Blood Pressure Cuff

High Blood Pressure can strike at anytime and usually with those that are obese. 

Estimated average treatment cost $100+ for medications, $7806 per person if there is a stroke.


High Cholesterol usually goes hand in hand with High Blood Pressure and obesity. 

Also, often times, coronary heart disease effects the boomer.

Estimated average treatment includes $100+ for medications, $6062 for coronary heart disease or $14,150 for a heart attack.


Stress usually effects all boomers including those that still have children at home and even their elderly parents.

Estimated average cost per person is $4500.

More Baby Boomer Health Trends

Eye Problems really are issues for boomers. 

From dry eye to glaucoma or macular degeneration, we may have many of these issues. 

It is important to have our eyes tested annually  and treatment as needed. 

Estimated average cost per person varies per annual visit and treatment.  Cost of cataract surgery is $3800 per eye.


Alzheimer's Disease--Dementia (memory issues) are becoming a national epidemic unless a cure is found.  Many additional facts about the disease will be discussed.

When boomers will reach 85, it is now estimated that 50% will suffer from this dreaded disease.  Estimated there will be 30 million more cases within the next 20 years.

Estimated average cost per person is $37,572 for assisted living, $76000 for in-home care and $80,000 for nursing home care.

Cardiovascular disease affects many baby boomers even though this is a very active age group.  However, with smoking and obesity, cardiovascular disease is very prevalent.

Estimated average cost per person $14,150 per heart attack.

Knee Joint

Joint Replacement all too often is required by active baby boomers. 

Estimated average cost per person is $40,000 per each hip and knee replacement.

Cancer Bracelets

Cancer often effects those that were heavy smokers during early years.  The most common cancers are lung, colon, prostate, and breast cancers. 

Estimated average cost per person: Between $14,000 and $300,000 depending on the scope of illness and treatment.

Arthritis and osteoporosis is a typical aliment of aging which affects millions of Americans each year. 

Treatment options can range from prescriptions to exercise.

Estimated average cost per person: $1400.

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In the future, please consider your health and the genetic connection you have to family members. This is a family picture of my Dad when he was about two years old.  Most of his family died in their early 60's with heart disease issues.  Today with modern technology and medications, life can extend into the 90's and later. 

Baby Boomer Health Trends should be an issue for each person and family as we continue to live out our lives. 

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