Baby Body Issues

Baby body issues will discuss issues with the neck, shoulders, and trunk.

Yes, my grandson had issues with a stiff neck and shoulders. This meant that he couldn't hold up his neck straight.  His head was always pulling to the left. 

Baby Medical Issues Guide: Neck

Visiting Family

Below, baby head issues continue with the discussion of my grandson experiencing Left Torticollis.

Have you noticed that your grandchild's holding his head either to the left or to the right and not straight up. You may not notice it until you look at a photograph.

The pediatrician will probably identify this condition during one of your first visits. He will probably recommend that your grandchild have physical therapy to help correct this issue.

Our grandson has had physical therapy for almost 10 months and has improved greatly.

  • Left Torticollis (wry neck) is a congenital or acquired condition of limited neck motion in which the child will hold the head to one side with the chin pointing to the opposite side. It is the result of the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid (neck) muscle. In early infancy, a firm, non-tender mass may be felt in the midportion of the muscle. The mass will go away and be replaced with fibrous tissue. If untreated, there can be permanent limitation of neck movement. As described above, most of the people that have this condition also have Plagiocephaly where there may be flattening of the head and face on the affected side.
  • Treatment: Physical therapy to strengthen the neck and arm movements. At the present time, Left Torticollis is no longer and issue and both right and left arms can be moved above the head without any restriction. Each day, he had specific exercises that were required multiple times. It is very important to follow the directions of the therapists to strengthen areas.

         Please see the YouTube Video below on "How to Treat Torticollis" by DadLabs Video.

Baby Body Issues: Shoulders

Baby's First Picture

Professionals may also notice that your grandchild may also have other baby body issues including a weakness in either his right or left shoulder. This is usually caused by the position while still in the uterus.

Again, while the physical therapist works with the neck, she will also strengthen the shoulder area by stretching the arms and extending the arms overhead. This is usually continued by parents throughout the week.

Baby Jen and Nana

In the picture on the right, my Mother also exercised my daughter's legs and shoulders when she changed her diapers. 

 Both seemed to have enjoyed the time together!

Each time we changed our grandson's diaper, we followed the directions to extend both arms above his head and count to 10 and then repeat. We also stretched and rotated his legs. This became a game and bonding time with him throughout the day! So we say, "Let's exercise.....1, 2, 3", he will smile!

Also, this procedure has considerably improved the shoulder/arms and leg/hip movements thus stretching his extremities. Through these procedures, it has given him the strength to crawl!

Baby Body Issues: The Trunk

Does your grandbaby have a sensitivity to food, cloth, flowers or grass?


Texas Tech Red Raider quilt

Fruits and Vegetables

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Baby in high chair

Other than the baby body issues just discussed, have you ever heard of a baby being too sensitive? This is a condition called sensory integration dysfunction or disorder and found often in premature babies.

Yes, this can be diagnosed by physical therapists or the pediatrician. If you notice your grandchild has several of the following symptoms, I would suggest you discuss with his parent.

  • Withdraws when being touched
  • Refuses to eat certain foods because of the texture of the food
  • Oversensitive to odors
  • Oversensitive to various clothing
  • Doesn't like to touch grass, bushes, dirt or leaves
  • Dislike getting hands dirty
  • Appear to be clumsy, trip easily or have poor balance
  • Have odd posture
  • Difficulty calming after exercise
  • Doesn't like the feel of stuffed animals

Baby Body Issues: Oral Sensitivity


If you notice that it is difficult for your grandchild to chew, drink from a straw with a rounded tongue or simply have difficulty in eating, then they need to discuss these issues with a therapist. 

From Homemade Baby Food Recipes, this site discusses how babies will "Learn to chew - either with teeth or gums" which is an important part of your baby's development which focuses on the following:

  • it strengthens the jaw muscles
  • it helps wihe development of speech
  • it helps ensure healthy teeth
  •  it enables him to enjoy finger foods and other foods that the rest of the family are eating.  

Baby Body Issues: Other Recommendations

The therapist will focus on activities that challenge the child with sensory input. Then helps the child respond appropriately to this sensory stimulus.

In the case of our grandson, a plastic surgical brush is used to "comb" his arms, legs and back every two hours. It doesn't hurt him and seems to be helping with various sensitivity issues.

He is now able to touch grasses, leaves, and various other textures that he is introduced to throughout the day. He even will hug his teddy bear that Nana gave him for Christmas.


Baby Body Concerns

Left Torticollis (wry neck) is a congenital or acquired condition of limited neck motion.

Plagiocephaly may be flattening of the baby's head.

Treatment for Plagiocephaly.

Sensory integration dysfunction or disorder is often found in premature babies.

Food sensitivities because of the texture of the food.

I hope as you read through this list, you will share baby body issues that your grandchildren may have experienced. By completing the form at the end of this page, you may help other grandparents understand issues that face our precious grandchildren.

If your grandchildren have issues with their head, eyes, neck or other parts of their body (trunk), please check the various conditions listed.

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials

Does your Grandchild have Health Issues?

If you look on my Navigation Bar under "Grandparents Support during Difficult Times," you will find several health issues (body, eye, head, and reflux) listed.

Has your grandchild also had health issues? If so, please tell us the story. I know that it is difficult to discuss, but will be so helpful to others as they experience issues.

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