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Celebrating my first Mother's Day as a Grandmother!

Hi, Welcome to Grandparenting Essentials!

If I had to answer a question about me, I would describe myself as the following: a daughter, wife, Mom, Grandmother, caretaker, and friend. In really no certain order, just willing to be available to volunteer and be a part of my family's life.

My professional career began as a librarian in the Texas Public Schools and continued as a researcher for an international defense plant.

Until recently, I always listened to my friends excitedly talk about and show albums of recent pictures of their beautiful grand kids. Now I understand why there was always so much excitement in their voices!

This site is being developed for Grandparents! Yes, us, who are just now understanding the joys and blessings of being a Grandparent. This is a compilation of our family experiences, from the moment that we learned that our daughter was pregnant, until now almost 18 months later. I will continue to update the progress of our grandsons and list tips and newest, greatest items on the market for our grand kids.

I hope you will enjoy the personal comments on our adventure, the experiences that were encountered, and suggestions and options that we would like for you to consider for your home and newborn grandchild!

We dedicate this site to all Grandparents who are on a new journey..... I welcome any and all comments you have about this site. Please use the forms on the various pages to relate your personal information about your grandchildren, your roles, your feelings and of course, your love of your grandchildren. By sharing your photos, recipes or opinions, you will add to this site since I will share those comments later for all to read.

Always find time to love your grandchildren and enjoy every moment that you are with them!

Power to you for using Grandparenting Essentials!


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