A Grandparents Perspective


A Grandparents Perspective will list only a few of the medical issues and treatment therapies that a grandchild may experience during or after his hospital stay.

Would you please help me build this list? As a grandparent, we are supportive of our children and grandchildren during any struggles in life.

Please help me share any health related illnesses that your grandchild may have experienced from our individual perspective as grandparents. This will help other grandparents become aware of childhood illnesses and possible treatments that are now available.

As I was compiling this guide, I focused on the following:  Baby Head Issues Baby Dental, Issues, Baby Eye Issues, Baby Reflux Issues, and Baby Body Issues. 

A Grandparents Perspective:
Treatment Suggestions

A grandparents perspective is included in this guide which includes information on what our family has learned and experienced about various medical issues and treatments during the past eleven months since our twin grandsons were born.

Since like you, most of us raised our children twenty to thirty years ago, and new technology and expert's opinions have adapted changes in what we knew and understood during those childbearing and parenting years.

Frankly, the world of medicine and insurance can be a mind-boggling experience!

So when you are faced with a major medical decision, I suggest from a grandparents perspective, that you research the issue, talk to your friends and family and get several opinions before you act. In fact, find the "guru" on the issue that is in your area and discuss your options.

James at 18 months

These pages on Baby Medical Issues will list conditions beginning from head and going to the toes.

As you may know, many of these issues wouldn't have been identified, treated or would have had limited treatment when our children were born in the 1980's. Without treatment in most cases, our children's progress would have been delayed or their overall appearance would have been affected.

Now from my perspective, 'A Grandparents Perspective,' I'm thankful that we live in this time of modern medical technology where most health issues can be addressed immediately. Having an awareness of these health issues, with discussions of the medical terms available on the Internet, and various forums dedicated to specialists, all help the parents understand and make critical decisions on a treatment plan for their child.

Again this guide contains the most recent medical issues and treatment therapies that our youngest grandson has experienced. Also, by compiling this information, I hope that it will be a ready reference tool and helpful information for you and your grandchild!

A Grandparents Perspective:
Preemies Don't Always Develop at the Same Pace

As I began listing these Baby Medical Issues, I realized several things from a grandparents perspective!

First of all, premature babies or preemies don't always develop at the same pace.


You may also find this in your own grandchild who might be smaller or larger than the curve.

In this case, our twin grandsons weren't the same size at birth and continue to be about 2 pounds difference in weight and 1/2 inch difference in length at almost a year old.

However, now the smallest and youngest child outweighs his brother and his brother is almost an inch and half taller. 

Imagine that our smallest twin now weighs over 25 pounds at 18 months old. 


At eleven months, the oldest child has been crawling for several weeks and the other is just now crawling.

As we have known since birth, he is delayed and it has taken longer for him to go through the motions of learning to crawl!

I think of that expression "Katie, bar the door!" Now that he has learned this concept, he is ready for the next milestone in life....walking!   

At 17 months, they are both now walking everywhere!  We are constantly trying to keep up with them! 

As mentioned earlier in this site, all physicians and specialists told the twins' parents that by age two the twins would be caught up!   We are thankful that although it has been a difficult struggle at times, this professional projected statement has come true!  

Isn't it fun to watch them begin the process of crawling!

At first, both showed a slight interest by pulling knees up under their stomachs and occasionally, moving an arm outward and then belly flops.

A Grandparents Perspective: 
Childproofing is Key

Outdoor Patio

Most babies love to look outside at the patio or pool area! 

For their safety, just make sure all doors are locked!

It was obvious that neither trusted their core strength enough to move.

Then all of a sudden, both "figured out" the crawling process and now both are moving fearlessly!

Beware of all outside doors and windows!  Childproofing your home is essential!

A Grandparents Perspective:
Baby Communication


Then, it is reverse in communication, the younger one is using more syllables or more talkative than the older baby. In other words, one baby is on the go and inquisitive and the other baby is more laid back and talkative! We have the best of both worlds! Update: Now both are on the go, but our younger grandson is still the most talkative!

As I have read and my daughter explained, it is important not to compare a child's development. What is the big deal if one "does it sooner or later?" So from that comment, I continually try not to compare our twins.

One of her friends that she recently visited for a play date was concerned that her child wasn't communicating by using Baby Babble. However, on command, he would "cough" or "laugh" or make other noises or gestures.

My daughter realized immediately, that her boys did other things, but couldn't do anything on cue except wave occasionally when you say "bye." So, during this fun-filled afternoon of playing, my daughter learned a valuable lesson-- that you can't compare.....all children develop at their own rate!

I also remember and shared with her that she and her brother didn't develop at the same rate either back thirty years ago. As first born, I laughingly told her, I'm really surprised that she learned to crawl or walk since she was a spoiled "first child" and was carried almost everywhere during the first year of her life!

A Grandparents Perspective
Best Advice: Don't Compare!


Grandparents Best advice: Don't compare your grandchild to other children! Don't compare multiples with another child! In our case, don't compare my grandsons who are twin preemies! Our grandsons haven't developed at the same pace, but Baby B is now showing another growth spurt and able to do more.

Update! Guess what happened yesterday! A few days after writing the paragraph above, our Baby B grandson was able to push himself up from laying flat on the floor. Also, on the same day, he said "Mama, Mama" which his brother hasn't said yet! I was able to record it on my iphone and text it to my daughter! She was thrilled!

According to a statement on development from a NICU Nurses, most preemies "catch-up" by the age of two years old. So let me encourage you to be patient, enjoy the time you have with your grandchildren and most of all, from a grandparents perspective don't compare!

Stories that bring tears to our eyes....

Today, I was watching "Katie" on the Katie Couric Show and she had a Mom and Dad that discussed the death of their three year old, Ronan Thompson!

He had Neuroblastoma and experienced 8 months of chemotherapy and radiation until his death! I had tears flowing as a listened to his Mom describe the challenges he had and his desire to live! He would playfully shoot the nurses with a small nerf gun in the hospital hallways and then flirt with the nursing staff as they administered drugs.

In order for her to "get through this experience" she began writing a blog. Follow Ronan and his mother, and her family's story at Rockstarronan.com. I know that you will understand these emotions when you find that many are contributing to the Ronan Thompson Foundation to fight childhood cancer!

If you are on Face Book, you will probably see daily accounts of babies that are sick often with incurable diseases.   I follow Tripp Halstead journey to recovery. 

We are so thankful that all the issues or illnesses our grandsons have faced are "fixable" as the pediatrician described it. 

As I was compiling this medical guide for our premature grandsons, I focused on the following:  Baby Head Issues Baby Dental, Issues, Baby Eye Issues, Baby Reflux Issues, and Baby Body Issues. 

I have also focused on the safety and childproofing (www.totsafe.com) that the NICU Nurses helped me to focus on as a grandparent.  

Find more grandparenting ideas online at our Home Page Grandparenting Essentials

Please add your stories to our page below....

Does your Grandchild have Health Issues?

If you look on my Navigation Bar under "Grandparents Support during Difficult Times," you will find several health issues (body, eye, head, and reflux) listed.

Has your grandchild also had health issues? If so, please tell us the story. I know that it is difficult to discuss, but will be so helpful to others as they experience issues.

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